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I'd love to play it whenever the creators decide to post their game as it looks interesting, but other than that, there isn't anything more I can say about it. Neither can I give it any fair rating (I'd give it a 1 star now just because an "idea post" or rather an announcement was put as an entry in a game jam). 

Where can I send typo screenshots?

Is this still being developed?

Well... it does fit the theme, but there's not much in terms of the story. More polishing needs to be done on the UI.

By grammar errors I refer to the typos and commas missing here and there, ofc. I'm not beta testing the game to give extensive feedback on the flow or pacing of the story itself. This is a game jam after all. We give subjective opinions on games. 

As for the disjointed passages (I guess should have used a better word for it), but here is an example: (choosing to order a drink, then choosing to order something unusual (you get a sandwich), then choosing to stay silent, and then choosing to order a drink again. this is the result. Is it logical or a smooth transition? Not really.)

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It's not really a problem of visuals to be honest. The storyline itself is perfect with its only flaw being the grammar. Either way, this game is my  favourite entry on this game jam.

Certainly an innovative take on the theme. It's more of a game than a story, meaning there's almost no story at all. As for the mechanics: Almost everyone else has commented on them, so for the sake of not repeating the same things, I'm leaving them out.

It was a fun and simplistic game overall (though by no means easy to code I'd guess)

The narration and story concept is beautiful, if you manage to read through it by ignoring the obvious grammar issues (they are numerous). I get that English might not be your first language, but a bit more proofreading through free online tools, would have made the reading experience even more enjoyable. 

On the plus side, the interactivity was off the charts, compared with some of the other games on this jam, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering the number of endings. The choices actually mattered, even though some of them only provided flavor text.

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she could still not decide or she still could not decide. Using should in the sentence doesn't make sense

to meet you

I did say there were only a few left. And WOW! Her relationship with David was one big toxic relationship. Was he a narcissist or something?

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Hey. The text font is too big for playing on a phone. Maybe you could make it so it is resized based on the device it is played? I can't scroll down enough, from the very first page, to have a choice or the remaining passages/paragraphs appear.

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Quite an original and genius take on the theme to be honest. To those who are going to try this out:

1. Take the title literally.

2. Don't trust Briggs.

An introspective, linear, very short story with a meaningful message as an ending, but most certainly not a game. The narration was beautiful, but that's it. The choices have no meaning in changing anything. 

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First playthrough went like this: It started with an air of uneasiness before the shop, continued with a curious one at the shop, confusion and creepiness at meeting the stranger, Santana, and survival mode kicking in the last choice thinking Santana would change his mind and kill me instead if I refused. Regretted doing that in the second playthrough😅. Then yelled at "The end" showing up.

I know you fixed most of the grammar errors in the English version, but there are still a few left. Also is it possible for the font to be bold? It's kind of hard to read in the dark theme on a phone without squinting my eyes, zooming in or raising the brightness up to 30-40%.

A fairly linear game where only the last choice actually matters and decides the ending for this version of the story, meaning interactivity is not a strong point. The narration on the other hand, is. It smoothly transitions from the shop to the "dream" or Surviland, without making it feel jarring or disjointed. 

For a game made in less than a day, it's fairly well done.

It's a cute game with cute, childish drawings and many routes which are a bit too short.  It  feels more like a prologue + chapter 1 to a day-to-day pet care simulator than a full story which begs the question: Are you planning on expanding upon it? 

I'm being nitpicky here, but adding a "The End" at the end of each route would help with the confusion caused at first. Instead of the ending of a route it looks like the route is cut short due to a bug.

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Well, I didn't expect to die on my first choice so that was fun😂. On the second playthrough I manage to survive my first day but Razor dies. This was a fun to be honest.

There were grammar errors here and there of course. Also some sentence which didn't make sense, one of them being: "You both keep extreme focus on the eye as you continue towards the research node. However, this causes Razor to not notice a puddle of blood on the floor and he trips." How does one trip over a puddle of blood?

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Edited: While the writing style and the overall concept are interesting, the numerous grammar and punctuation errors along with the incoherence in some passages following one after the other, disappointed my expectations. 

I really enjoyed DOl-OS even if I'm not big on puzzles in general. 

 It can make you frustrated at first if you go for Theophile's account, instead of the guest one, but a quick hitting of the 'H' key will solve it quickly (keep your curiosity in check though if you don't want to be spoiled/ruin the fun of solving puzzles). 

 Checking Theophile's entries was fun but short, concise and to the point. Which is not surprising considering their choice of profession. I like how you managed to convey that.

The writing style feels cold, calculated, almost robotic but with touch of human feelings, fitting perfectly with the theme and GUI animations. No noticable grammar errors. The puzzles themselves are thoughtfully integrated into the game, providing a seamless and logical progression.

One thing to be appreciated are the minigames serving as a nice break until you figure the next step out and as a time-waster too. Ah. And another thing too. If you pay close attention to the lower bar at the bottom of the screen, you'll notice that the time shown is the same as the one your phone or computer screen. It was a nice little detail which does add to the overall immersive amosphere.

Puzzle lovers are going to have a field trip with this one. The thrill of mystery and the inappropriate desire of going through someone's diary contents finding secrets are going to accompany them through their playthrough, alongside frustration and restarting a dozen times before getting things right.

Um... What I mean after the essay is: Well done! You managed to make a game that appeals even to those who avoid the puzzle genre like the plague.

Reasonable ofc yet how did they manage to clear their doubts for MC? HOW can magic determine with absolute certainty MC has amnesia? Are they keeping MC close to keep an eye on them? THAT'S a more sound theory for someone as cautios as they are.

You have managed to create such a mysterious, dangerous, suspicious and sinister atmosphere in the released chapters and it's keeping me at the edge of my seat! Even on those "tender" moments I can't help feeling something isn't quite right.

I have two questions:

1) In the current magic system, is there any spell known to extract information, subtly and from a great distance, from an individual's mind even without them knowing?

2 )Did Y suspect MC was sent as a spy from their enemies/opposing factions?

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What mythologies were you inspired from, aside from the greek mythology?

Most people know of Merlin, Morgana and Arthur, if not from legends, then from the different adaptations/movies/tv series they have watched. Yet fewer have any prior deep knowledge of Mordred. 

This was a nice find truly, since most of the Wips/games revolve around the three most known figures of Arthurian legends. Following the birth, childhood and later, teenage and adult years, through Mordred's own POV has given me the chance to explore their psyche and complicated relationships with the people around them. 

The narrative is a masterpiece. It manages to immerse the reader(me), making me feel all sorts of emotions. The pain, the hurt, the frustration, rejecting others first before they reject you (fear of rejection/abandonment), love for parents, rage at the world. 

The interludes, shifting the pov from Mordred to Morgana and/or Arthur, give a better insight on who they are and what they are feeling at the moment of the events happening. You are going to notice how their personalities, both stay true to the legends, and have new traits added by the writer, making them compelling to read. Will have to say that most of the characters, excluding few, are in the grey area, meaning you can decide for yourself whether you like or hate them, if they are villains, normal or heroes for your Mordred.

Probably this wasn't intentional, but, while reading, it's hard to separate myself from Mordred. Feeling what they feel and when choosing options/routes, thinking of them as Mordred's decision and mine too. It doesn't help that the choices are so accurate and diverse enough for all kinds of Mordreds the players create. This is what I call a truly immersive story.

I'll have to add how much I appreciate the author adding and using the other characters from the Arthurian era legends, adding a twist to them in their own way. Those who read the story can educste themselves on this legends and search more about them.

I loved Gareth and Mordred's adoptive father in particular, and am excited to meet Nimue in the next game updates💛

The way I understand it is that the options are meant for MC's who are dense enough not to notice themselves being a naturally-somewhat-subtle flirt.

It was both the perfect depiction of an Europian who goes to a French cuisine restaurant for the first time (no offense to any french peeps who read this comment, but you have to enlarge the portions you serve on your restaurants a bit more) and that of a food critic eating his last unsatisfactory dinner. 

Being a short one-choice game, it's as linear as one would expect for now, but the immaculate descriptions paint a vivid imagery on the reader's mind, pulling them into the main character's mind/POV. Excellent narrative overall.

The sinister ending was surprising but not unexpected considering the warnings. 

There were no grammar errors nor bugs,at least I didn't encounter any, so that's a plus too.

Even this short, the story holds its own. There can be made more additions of course. Maybe alternative epilogues for the choice and achievements for reaching them?

Overall rating on scale: 4 or 5/5