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Hi, sorry you’re having those issues. Can you give me more specific details so I can fix it? :)

Thank you good sir


Thank you!

Thank you! :)

Glad I could give you a good scare, thank you for playing :DD

Thanks! :D

Thank you, I appreciate it :D

Thank you so much :D

Thank you! You can expect a sequel to this coming soon...:)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed :))

Thank you for playing!!

Thanks for playing! Springtrap actually doesn't teleport at all, all the movement is legit ;)

Glad you enjoyed! Great video :))

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :D

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спасибо! glad you enjoyed :)

also wanna add that i didnt use google translate i studied russian for 4 years

Thanks! So glad I could be part of your first time experiencing the series :DD

Thank you, glad you liked it :D Thanks for the feedback as well 👍

Thank you!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :))

Thank you for the feedback :)

Thank you :D

Thank you! That means a lot ⭐

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Man if I was a more active dev I could be doing so much better 😅

It's called 'Don't Go' by Tim Juliano. It was used in the original port of FNAF 3 on the PC :)

Glad you like it :D Thanks for playing and for the video :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, glad you enjoyed :))

Thanks for playing! LOL yea he's quite sneaky 😂

Thanks!! Looking forward to sharing the sequel with you ;)

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed :DD

Thanks for taking the time to play! Glad you enjoyed it :)

p.s. there's a guide here if you need some help ;)

Thank you!

Thanks! Glad you had fun with it :D

Thanks for playing man! Glad you liked it :D

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed :)

Ah ok, gotcha 😅 Thanks, glad you liked it :)

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Hi, I'd actually disagree with that. Especially what you said about the AI being broken; I've only heard positive things about it so far. It's supposed to be unpredictable, if it was on a set path it wouldn't be scary or fun 🙂 While I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate you taking the time to record it, it's disheartening to hear that it's "bugged to hell" when plenty of people have enjoyed and made videos on it and haven't said anything similar. There's one quirk with the pathfinding (by the cupcake) that's a Unity issue that I'm looking into. Other than that I don't see how there's "bugs and glitches". Just my two-cents. Once again thanks for the video :D

Thanks for playing! :D

dw I've gotten quite scared by it myself 😂 Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed :))