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This was really fun. My highscore is 539 =D

Looks pretty impressive, cant wait to see the finished thing! =D

Thanks so much for playing ! =D

First 52000

Thank you so much for playing, glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Some endings that are better, are related to your overall score.
I think I will update the description to make that part of the mechanic a bit clearer to players.

But yeah the standard-endings are all kinda bummers. I guess I was compensating for the fact that in the previous game the choices were bugged so you could not physically die.

I will make up for it in the next one, promise.

Stunning visuals, engaging gameplay and funny jokes.
This game is under the top 3 results when searching "last hope" for a reason!

It just has such wholesome vibes as well!

Amazingly well done!

If you enjoyed Galactic Speed Dating.
Why not check out the Spin-Off:

Awesome concept, very pony-island-ish.
I am genuinely curious to see how this keep developing.

Honestly really impressive that you managed to make this multiplayer game in the time given.

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I will be honest the concept sounded slightly boring, but then the levels picked up the pace and you really managed to pull it of well.

Really awesome game that makes me wish there had been more of it.

Hehe, yeah. Try hiding behind the rocks to evade the bots.

The Game was originally meant to be a walking simulator, so I am afraid that it will always remain a bit on the less interactive side...
You are right about the scenes, they would be a lot more interesting with the actual events transpiring.
I will try to add more polish into it as well, to make the scenes more impactful.

Thank you so much for playing and for leaving the useful Feedback !

Thank you so much for your feedback !