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Thank you!!

hello noiseminded

i dont understand german but this is some weird lsd trip lol


Hands Zimmer

Yeah, that's all, I can do horror sound design! You can check it out in one of my games, for a taste.

You have to write the /wall in uppercase, so /WALL

Oh, yes! If you have Discord, feel free to send me a DM! ( SirCartaux#5014 )

Hey, I'm SirCartaux, a horror game developer from germany. If you play my already existing games, you will see, that there are very few models in my games. I don't make models myself, because I can't, and I just end up getting the models from the internet. But I am looking forward to make my first 1-2 hours game and would need a PSX modeller for that. If the game will cost something, which I strongly believe, the modeller will, of course, get something for the hard work!

Thank you!


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There are some people, who don't understand the puzzles at all, others who understand it instantly! Very sorry for you, but that doesn't mean you should instantly give a one-star review. I spent much time on this project and because of you, being the only person, who rated this so far, the whole project now has a one star review.

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Just updated it, that's why the files were gone!

Wow. The music's great, I love the athmosphere and the animations and general effects are amazing!

This is way too underrated.

My next game will be going in that direction!

Yeah! There's a full version of it here: 

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Probably you typed https:// at the beginning instead of http:// ! 

Thanks alot for the great feedback! 

Can I use eg. chords from other songs, that are not written by me?


This project is very old, I don't have the source code anymore :(

This problem happens all the time, look at the other comments, I sadly don't know how to fix it, and it looks like the Shade doesn't work on some PCs. 

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What bee?

Edit: Oh, yeah that was just a typo, thanks for reminding me!


It's " No One Lives Under The Lighthouse director's cut" on Steam

In the last Jam you were only allowed up to 10 minutes, but now it's "more than 3 minutes". Does that mean unlimited time, but over 3 minutes? That would be great!

Please do not advertise your games under my games.

Thanks alot for this amazing feedback! Just wanted to point out: If I would have to make a remake, now, almost 2 years later, it would definetly make the game 5x better! And also, because this was one of my first games.

Oooo, that was an amazing game!

With Shift, already wrote it here 5 times and it gets introduced to you in the game.



Shift? There should be a message at the beginning on the top right that says so.

he just wanna watch :(

(The last "Release" is broken!)

I just tested it with Firefox and it completly works fine with it!


This is amazing

amazing engine!!!!