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I tried your game in single-player mode, you guys had a good effort 

The idea is decent, and The aesthetics are good. The art style is unique  

Coming to controls, I was quite un-comfort with the controls

1. I felt that the player should walk backward instead of rotating 

2. I see a reflection difference while the cat holding a mirror and when placing it .

Overall experience is nearly good. 

It is not supposed to do that but we kept it . 

Hope you got knew how fruits make sense. We will play your game and let you know . 

very innovative , very good aesthetics , but keeping the level one hard was an double edged sword . 

very great idea for this jam , be careful for the aesthetics 

good thinking when it comes to views . it is a  small game  and it is good 

I see all themes are used . The two view feature is  interesting and rest of all is ok ,the aesthetics are decent .  innovative .

Added some unique features to the project that is already exists , matches the minimal interaction and reset , appreciate your level design 

really good concept , but I did not find the theme related to it , you approached two views theme . 

Look around should be modified in a way like I can see the game more wider, have to look player top and bottom rotations . 

thank you so much for your feedback, we will be working on it

thank you so much for your feedback

creating this type of game in 48 hrs is really insane . but i did not understand how to complete the game

you guys have used the theme "one second"  well but there was a bug. when i come from the gameplay to the menu . the menu was stucked , i guess there you do not enable time.tmescale i guess 

good design make the player to shoot in all 8 directions 

good concept and  effort

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there are

 buttons but not working in pause menu , the game was quite good if you well polished the game . 

your game was really so fun to play .  the music loop was good 

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awesome . this one was tricky

creating this type of platformer in 48 hrs is really insane . though the unlearning mechanic is really  fun . this platformer game is great


the game was so fun . but i did not find the theme . may be 'jump gone wrong'  may suits best

feels something should be unlearn  in the middle of the game . good programming effort

after playing this game . i learned that jumping  can be done by falling in the wall . good idea , good work . but tune the gameplay

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the idea was so different .  the artwork was good . you have used  one second theme 

the idea was really cool . the theme implementation was so different .

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 i did not found any thing  related to the theme  .but  good work  . keep working

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creating this type of game in 2 days is really insane. but i found two themes (jump gone wrong  and one second) . it is different  but expecting more . 

sometimes pressing three buttons at a time might not work in jumping .  try to complete three levels . may be i should increase the number of buttons soon. thanks for the feedback 


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night mode is un-predictable , and difficulty may be reduced , sensitivity is an advantage

screen size should be large , i cannot predict the  next obstacle

i have a CTR of 4% . what is that means? what is meant by CTR?

good concept

different idea . good implementation

really insane

your effort is so different , i cannot play the game, i cannot review it

good game that makes impossible(unable to play) after a time

easy one