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Thank you for having played my project and having given your opionion about that I appreciate!; the game tells about a man that is in a bad state (emotional bad state) and try to overcome this bad state; all the words like : stress , nostalgia , solitude... are all refered to his emotions at that moment; and in the end he recover himself and come back to reality. 

Hi man! I liked a lot the idea of the game it's unique! I found great the sound the only thing that I found disturbing to the eyes view is the first type of transition end level --> next level (but I think it's a personal thing). Great Job!

I really loved your game is a lot fun and challenging and the soundtrack close the circle perfectly a very good game; I'm agree with Legion when he says about sounds that alert you beacuse I think some bars were difficult to see. 

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Thank you for having played my game and rate it; I appreciate that you like the setup of the game this was my first intent. The fact that you get only 2 bullets is intentional; you have to kill 3 monsters for stage so i thought that having only 2 bullets was more challenging. The theme was "growing weaker"in my game I interpretate  the theme like recover yourself from a bad state like (depressione,fear....) a slowly recover;  and the final text "Welcome back Jhonny" was refered to the fact that you ocercome your emotional state. Maybe it wasn't so intuitive to understand it let me know