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Charming – just like last year's entry!

The concept is simple and not particularly difficult to master, but that combined with the easy-to-listen music and the simplistic yet cute graphics make for a very relaxing gaming experience, very faithful to a proper GameBoy title.

Well done! :)

Thank you!

Loving the fact this can run on a real Game Boy. A short but intense shooter; those two minutes feel like a lifetime! Luckily the patterns tend to repeat after a while, so a little bit of memorization is involved to get through in one piece.

The art is simple but effective, and so is the music. I'd love to see more in the future!

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Solid entry! Gameplay is pretty fun and the soundtrack is definitely rather catchy, but I've especially loved the art style here. Adorable!

I feel like it could become a really solid edu-game, whether it's just for learning the keyboard or a few words in another language (especially if you could select another language and see the translation of a given word in that chosen language). I could totally see myself playing it for the latter purpose, it just needs a little refinement! Still, for a 7-day effort, I have nothing to say other than great job to everyone involved!

Cute graphics, fitting music and brilliant gameplay... Definitely one of the best entries in this jam! It's really impressive how you managed to build such a gripping game around just two buttons: easy to learn but hard to master. It's really quite difficult not to get fired at first, but once you start getting into the groove of things, it's so rewarding.

My only nitpick is that the game seems to be running at a higher resolution than the GameBoy's 160x144 (whilst keeping the same aspect ratio), as everything moves so incredibly smoothly. Of course, I could be wrong, in which case... kudos for deceiving my eye! But if I'm not, this is nonetheless a stellar entry which everyone should play at least once. Excellent job!

Hi, thanks for the kind words!

I actually thought about that, but I wasn't too sure if that could have helped in any circumstances besides the very beginning and end of a level. In hindsight, I suppose that would have been a welcome addition... So I'll make sure to add it in the next build!

Haha, it's okay, maybe another time!

Hi! I would be interested in someone writing a couple of short tracks for my entry. I'm aware there are just a couple of days left so I don't really know if that's doable for you, but if it is, shall I add you on Discord?