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This sounds awesome! I've donated another 10$ :-)

Coop is amazing! Well done!

Great update! I played through all the tutorials, but the navigation is still not clear to me. The tutorial describes to "follow the indicator", however I do not see such an indicator... Any pointers?

It would be really good if Tea for God could also include some of the features of  Unseen Diplomacy, like:

- Dodging stuff like lasers, swinging axes or other stuff

- Small puzzles

- Unscrewing airvents


I think those would work really well with the setup of Tea for God!

Loved reading this story, you are a genius!

Haha, this is why I love Oculus Quest, no wires attached :)

This game is insane. This is easily the best "tech demo" when showing friends what the Oculus Quest can do. The concept of impossible spaces still blows my mind every time I play, and each update makes the game more awesome!