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Hi guys here's my youtube playthrough of "Restaurant of Horror": Restaurant of Horror - Youtube Playthrough

Hello and yes I just sent an email and the issue is being looked into.

Hello, the mobile app hasn’t been working for me since the last time I checked, which was yesterday. I was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. I reinstalled the app, and it hasn’t changed anything. Thanks!

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Loved playing the demo, and I really like the art style.  The story got a lot more exciting as the plot progressed, and I really wanted to know more of what had happened regarding these mysterious events and their relationship. Keep up the good work!

This was an enjoyable playthrough, with an unexpected dark twist. I love the art/design and the dynamics between the characters. Keep up the good work!

I love it, quality made game

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The demo was incredible, beautiful soundtrack, art, and the writing is superb... I love the bits of animated affects too. The game looks to be very promising and I wish the team the best of luck on this project.

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I finished the demo and it is a really well made game! I love it! The plot is very interesting and the ending definitely left me with wanting more. The art is stunning and the characters are lovely... I'm very curious as to how things will turn out. And Eva is a major cutie, I can't get enough of her flirting hehe.  

I wish you luck on the project!  

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Hello, I just finished playing the demo! I thought the story was really cute and sweet... reading Takiyashi and Mitsuko's interactions was just adorable haha!  Also the art is really nice, I especially love the cover... I hope the VN gets completed someday!

Hello, I also got the same error as Wasteland-Wolf, but I skipped the errors and was able to play the game anyway. I thought the game/art/music/dialogues were fun and cute, and that the story was very interesting. I also thoroughly enjoyed the mini games, and overall, I liked it!


It was interesting playing in a  different perspective, particularly as a "side character",  which is not something you see too often in VNs. I do feel a little sad for Lana though, since I'm sure a lot of people can relate to her. Not sure if there will be a sequel or a part 2 for this game. I would love to see a continuation or an exploration of the kingdom.

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I LOVE this game! It's so good, the art, writing, story, characters, the mood, pacing... I could go on, it's just really fantastic. The script is super funny too, I laughed a bunch of times,  and I love their names. The characters are so adorable, I just want to hug them all! They have their own unique personalities that make them stand out on their own, there's just so much life in them. I haven't finished playing yet, as I am in the middle of reading it right now, but I had to stop to comment on how well made this game is! I honestly have not felt this much love for a VN since Butterfly Soup. <3


I finished playing all the routes and really enjoyed it! I thought the plots twists were very interesting and liked how the endings turned out. My favorite LI would probably be Frequency... I definitely have a thing for hot cougar moms. But I also loved Enchantress, she's just so cute with her playful flirting and blushing when she reveals her more softer side. Syd was a great character too, she's dorky, relatable,  and a fun person to read. And she's also butch! That's not something I come across too often in Yuri VNs. The last thing I want to note is the art. It's so nice to look at, especially that flashing choice menu, maybe this sounds weird, but I couldn't stop staring at how cool it was LOL. Overall, this was a great game and I would be super excited if there was ever going to be a part 2!

This was really beautiful! And the story was very relatable, as I've experienced something similar. Sometimes I think about how things could have been had I gone back and did things differently with this girl I crushed on (I'm also a girl), but didn't. I think about turning around all the time, but most people in these situations move on, and that's okay. And who knows, maybe the other girl had the same exact thoughts... I think from her expressions, it's very likely. I admit I did get a little emotional and tear at the end, (but I've been very emotional this past week haha!).  

As always, the graphics in your games are stunning , I LOVED the animations, and the music gave it a nice atmosphere!

This novel was SO GOOD! Great writing, lovely art, and the story was really intriguing! I'm not into kinetic novels, but after trying this one out, it definitely changed my mind in trying out more. Also Yozora is a major cutie.

Beautiful art, intriguing story/writing. I would LOVE to see a continuation of this game!

Hi, I played the demo and I really liked it. The story was what intrigued me the most, which is kind of rare for me in most games nowadays. Though the demo was shorter then expected, I can't wait for the full release!

I was really blown away by how well the demo was!! I'm very excited for the full release! :) Much luck!

Hey, thanks for making these! I'll be checking them out!

Also, this is a cute game!

It's a Browser game, you don't download it, you can just play it on your computer! :)

I loved this VN!! It's so good I feel like tearing up a little now that it's over. :( More yuri VNs should be like this! The story didn't skip away a budding romance between two women, and the fact that Martha was such a non-girly bad*ss was a huge plus. Take notes ya'll!

Also, thanks for making this!