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I LOVE this game! It's so good, the art, writing, story, characters, the mood, pacing... I could go on, it's just really fantastic. The script is super funny too, I laughed a bunch of times,  and I love their names. The characters are so adorable, I just want to hug them all! They have their own unique personalities that make them stand out on their own, there's just so much life in them. I haven't finished playing yet, as I am in the middle of reading it right now, but I had to stop to comment on how well made this game is! I honestly have not felt this much love for a VN since Butterfly Soup. <3


I finished playing all the routes and really enjoyed it! I thought the plots twists were very interesting and liked how the endings turned out. My favorite LI would probably be Frequency... I definitely have a thing for hot cougar moms. But I also loved Enchantress, she's just so cute with her playful flirting and blushing when she reveals her more softer side. Syd was a great character too, she's dorky, relatable,  and a fun person to read. And she's also butch! That's not something I come across too often in Yuri VNs. The last thing I want to note is the art. It's so nice to look at, especially that flashing choice menu, maybe this sounds weird, but I couldn't stop staring at how cool it was LOL. Overall, this was a great game and I would be super excited if there was ever going to be a part 2!