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Quality game! I'd love to see this project expanded upon.

When I saw the monkeys, I had to play. Not disappointed. The game was fun, the graphics were nice, and the music was pretty good too. 5 STARS!!!

this game made my day. 5 STARS!

Great game! The music and visuals were great!

Fun game! The blurbs about the characters were pretty amusing.

What a great game! I think the mechanics were cool, and the game was fun!

Glad you liked the visuals.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!

Heya, thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Hey, thanks for playing! I'll make sure to look into that. Hope you liked the game!

This is a fantastic submission! The theme was implemented well, the music and visuals were nice, and most importantly, it was fun. 5 stars!

I felt it got boring playing the same level over and over again, but the music, visuals, and sounds were all nice. I still enjoyed it, though.

I think the art and music was nice, but I didn't really notice a difference in the web whether I was moving or not.

I like the idea, but the player character is super slippery, and the hook does not work, so I had to start over to finish the game. I liked that you can play the game at the end, though.

Thanks! I'll make sure to check out yours.

Hey, I'm glad you liked the game! About the theme, the point is that resources would be more scarce as you get more party members, so less people meant more loot.

Uh oh :( 
I'll make sure to check that out, hope you enjoyed the game anyway.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I'll make sure to check out your game too!

Great game! The music and visuals were great, but I don't really see how it fits the theme.

This was a great entry, although I don't really see how it fits the theme.

This was a wonderful entry! I think the main mechanic is unique, and the sprite work is great! 5 stars!

The visuals were nice, and the game was fun, but the controls were awkward, and the less is more mechanic didn't make much of a difference, and wasn't even stated within the actual game. Besides that though, good game!

The conveyer belt level is impossible :(. Besides that though, this is a great game!

Glad you liked the game, thanks for playing. Also, RIP.

Nice visuals, and fun game! 5 stars!

That was funny.

I think the idea was interesting, and the game was fun!

This was a really cool game! I liked the art, music, and the computer aesthetic!

The art is wonderful, and I like the risk of destroying more towers so that the rest can be more powerful. Good game!

This game is great! The art is wonderful, and the music was pretty good. I have a few suggestions for if you expand on this game. There should be a way to get oxygen back in the deep waters, and a map would be nice, too. Besides that, I think this is a wondaful game, and I'm impressed you did this in a week!

I'm not sure if this was some kind of but everything rotated 90 degrees. My controls went weird, like down was left, up was right, etc.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Cool, I'm looking forward to the update!

The game crashes when you die. The music gets kind of annoying after a while, and it's a bit loud. The mana and attack power mechanic didn't really make much of a difference throughout my playthrough, but it was still pretty solid.

I'm not sure what's up with the convulsing sounds at the start of every level, but it's a bit loud. For the shooting sounds, you should make it so that it's at varying pitches, so it doesn't get annoying very fast. Some music would be nice.

Thanks! I'll make sure to get to your game, so don't worry!

I'm flattered! Thanks for playing my game. When I make an updated version of this game, I'll make sure to change it.

Wow! I'm glad you liked the game! Thanks for playing!

I don't see how this fit the theme, and some background music would have been nice, or some sounds too.

The idea for more deaths means harder levels is very flawed. If a player were to die over and over again because your game is hard, making the level harder will just make it so that you can't progress, and the player will likely quit out of frustration. That being said, the idea was unique though.