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Excellent work to the both of you (rose11/ celia14)!
The art is really cute, and the dialog is well written. A fantastic example of a small completed project with simplicity and quality content in mind. :)

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Hey very cool game, I really like the art style and the level design.

*The Art Style is very Tim Burton.

*The Level design is creative, a very bizzare and odd looking place.

*The novelty of the main menu is charming.

*The character design is pretty rad. 


*Mouse and Keyboard combo isn't the best idea. Creative, I'll give you that, but actually fun? Not so much. Arrow Keys/WASD and the use of a mouse doesn't really fit the platforming style, but it's functional at least.

*Rolling in the game is far too fast, hard to control and doesn't make much sense why you can roll so far when the platforms aren't that big.

*Combat is again, creative, but not really an experience that is satisfying. It feels a bit gimmicky and also doesn't work for the enemies that move very fast.

*No sounds other than footsteps which is kind of odd considering there were lots of sound options in the menu. (Maybe I had found a bug?)

Overall I think it's appearance is very inviting and it has a good theme going for it. But I feel like the controls and combat aren't very fleshed out. I know that the ideas used for both the controls and combat are very out of the box, but that doesn't mean they are fun to use. Keep making games man, if this is your first published one, you're going to do great In the future! :)

The Hour Has Come has just been approved and released on!

If you like randomized horror games with some puzzle elements, this is the game for you! (Also available on Steam if you're interested, just follow the link from my profile page.)

Cool thank you! :D

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Hello!I'm a new developer on this website, and I posted a game that I have had completed.
It's my first game here so I know that my account review has to go through, but how long until my project's actually show up in the search feed? It's been over 24 hours. I can't find it no matter what I type in so I am assuming it's not even published yet because of how new my account is.