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Sure thing! GDevelop 5. Https://

Hey! I love these assets and am wanting to check on your distribution license.

One of the engines I use has an asset library for users that lists a bunch of free assets (with accreditation), but the asset library *is* stored on a centralized server off itch. While I'm assuming your licensing would restrict/deny this type of use, I wanted to confirm to be 100% sure.

Thanks! My actual metroidvania I'm working on is what inspired this, as it's using all of the methods I use in that game proper.

I'm going to take a look at your top down shooter template sometime this next week to see if I can help with those tweaks being asked, too. :D

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Sorry, missed this reply. I'm working on the boss logic today and I expect to have the example done this weekend if not early next week.

Finished it today! Here you go:

The new example will have a Finite State Machine, allowing you to avoid animation conflicts/have as many "check" variables in the player controls. 

It will also have more detailed explanations on Enemy AI, a basic title screen with both Gamepad and Keyboard support, a "speedrun" timer, etc.

Both of these are examples, but I intend to put big huge disclaimers all over this one pointing people to the new one once I'm done, since I would probably not recommend most of the methods I have in the old example to people.

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Looks like the project folder I have updated has "Loop" enabled on that animation for some reason, even though my local copy and the compiled version does not.

This was my first project using GD5, so it has a lot of bad practices in it. I'm currently working on remaking this using all of the stuff I've learned over the past year or so, so I would say wait for that. But I'm uploading a copy with this fixed. As mentioned, you can just open the hero object and uncheck the loop option to avoid this.

The fixed project has now been uploaded.

Thanks for the reply. Excited to see your work with Defold and others!

I just saw this get posted to Steam. Congratulations! 

However, I saw that it is only listed for GameGuru. Has the other engine support been dropped? I had been really wanting this for Defold and Love.

Within the context of legacy/pixel art styles, would this be considered a 16x16 base sprite or 32x32? I can't quite tell.

Are these sprites made with a 16x16 basis or 32x32?

Just checking on on this again. Any progress towards a release date?

I saw that there was a post a few months ago stating there was an expected Steam release soon, so I wanted to check back in on this. Any new timeline on release?

Hello! Can you confirm what font pixel size these are designed for? I can't tell if they're 5px, 6px, or some multiple thereof.

That's amazing! Thanks for the update.

Can't wait for this to be released. Excited for it to be available via steam or other methods.

I see you have Love2D listed, which is Lua based. Please consider support for Defold as well since it is also Lua based. Very excitedly watching this for Godot/Love2D (hopefully eventually Defold :D )

This font looks great. What's the usage license? Creative Commons? Attribution? MIT?

These buttons are fantastic. Is there any chance of getting an update with the PS logo and Xbox logo buttons from their respective controllers?

These are fantastic! any chance of an update with icons for the Xbox logo and Playstation logo buttons from the XBOne and PS4 controllers? 

To be clear, should we be crediting you as "Dacosta" or something else?

Fantastic. Thank you!

This looks great. What kind of license are you providing this as? CC0? Attribution? MIT? :D

Your work is so fantastic. I used this cemetary pack for the environment art in a game jam submission with a team of other devs. 

Thank you for putting out some of this stuff for all of us to use no charge. Anyone reading this, please support ansimuz.

I need to figure out the metroidvania I keep thinking about, and get one of the Warped packs.

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I posted about it on the tools thread, but I'm moderate-to-intermediately experienced with GDevelop if someone's looking to do art/music/etc for a 2D Game and needs someone to put it into an engine. My availability is kind of up in the air right now, but if there are people in need of a goof like me I'll do my best to make the time.

Edit: A team has claimed this goof's time for the jam. Have fun, all!

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Just going to chime in here with a recommendation of GDevelop. It's an open source 2D engine that feels like mixture of Stencyl and Construct 3. It requires no programming languages, although it can be extended using Javascript, if you want.  Games can either be compiled or output into HTML5 that can be uploaded to places like to run in browsers.

I've found it exceptionally well suited to: Point-and-click adventure games, platformers, puzzle games, and 2D scrolling shooters. I'm sure you can easily make other genres as well, but I'm new to it.

You can find more details here:

GDevelop site

Tutorials and Wiki


If you want to see my own test I made after poking around in it for about 13 hours, you can see that here.

Your sprites are some of the coolest and most complete I've seen. It made it possible for me to even attempt to make a game, which is now on my profile being used by some as a learning demo for people trying to grasp GDevelop 5. Thank you for putting some of this stuff out for free.

Everyone should definitely check these out and support Ansimuz future endeavors. 

I am definitely open for any input on how to clean it up further, and would be both happy and honored if it was considered good enough to use it as an example.