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Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it :D

Hope you enjoy to the end :)

I'm glad you had fun :D Yes I've had multiple comments about the campus tour being long and tedious, will be changing that in the next update!

Yes that meant the second half of the free demo is still in development and will be releasing in November:) All choices will lead to that screen!

I’m glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for making a playthrough, it was very fun watching your reaction XD

Aww thanks for saying that <3 Working towards a big update for end of November, hope you will be playing that too :)

Thank you!! >w<

You downloaded a totally not suspicious program from the Internet, turns out to be a messaging app. Delighted and full of hope for the possibility of finally making a friend, you click connect.  

Instead, you bare witness to a suicide and is forced to participate in a ritual. 

Speak Lies is an interactive mystery set in the exclusive all girls boarding school, Vistine Academy. Discover the truth behind the 10 curses, investigate the series of unfortunate happenings, or just sit back and do nothing as the students suffer, not judging. 

And yes, all through the power of text messages.

Play the demo here