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unfertile? I thought it was infertile

does rain count for watering crops

I feel a hoe upgrade would be nice. cut down on the energy cost of farming.
and a Bucket that gives more water when using the well

you need to upgrade the ledger

huh one door is locked and yet I can't find a key.

was alright for 2 minutes. but lacking in anything else. I do hope so see more maybe with expansion aspects (both the characters and the player who I default in being female since thats my preference)

how do I get the endings I get timed out its on the tin, I got the good on my first run and pasteurized but don't get the other two 

hmm was a little lack luster with the first three. the idea of having to hide could have been used better. I never died under the burner only a timer. and both mixed just felt rushed in a bad way. having to hide from a killer and thats the timer would have been better in my opion 

one thing I would add if I could. bulk buy of foods and food/medicne states

so how similar will this be to breeding season? and hopefully you guys made sure some asshat can't ruin it like breeding season

one thing I want to ask. will the amplification end at 5 or do you plan to go farther?