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decent early game. had a few problems with the UI and systems 
maybe have three areas The forest, the Cavern (the current lair) and the Lair with the lair being the storage area and upgraded differently. 
and maybe some kind of rebirth/reset system where the fat you collected becomes a resource for upgrades to the game 

huh maybe I can get this verison to work hopefully 

If I may though out some ideas. 
1 breast expansion. the game says the breast size is medium that implies a large. and Honestly you can not tell me they made high grade sex bots and NOT have them go past realistic proportions so more hyper sizes would make sense. maybe need a separate upgrade

2 Home upgrades/ moving. so outside just moving to better homes why not also upgrade the homes getting better maintained needs and new sex locations and poses  

unfertile? I thought it was infertile

does rain count for watering crops

I feel a hoe upgrade would be nice. cut down on the energy cost of farming.
and a Bucket that gives more water when using the well

you need to upgrade the ledger

huh one door is locked and yet I can't find a key.

was alright for 2 minutes. but lacking in anything else. I do hope so see more maybe with expansion aspects (both the characters and the player who I default in being female since thats my preference)

how do I get the endings I get timed out its on the tin, I got the good on my first run and pasteurized but don't get the other two 

hmm was a little lack luster with the first three. the idea of having to hide could have been used better. I never died under the burner only a timer. and both mixed just felt rushed in a bad way. having to hide from a killer and thats the timer would have been better in my opion 

one thing I would add if I could. bulk buy of foods and food/medicne states

so how similar will this be to breeding season? and hopefully you guys made sure some asshat can't ruin it like breeding season

one thing I want to ask. will the amplification end at 5 or do you plan to go farther?