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Rated and commented already! Loved it!

Thank you for the feedback! I think I'm going to stick to a pathfinding algorithm from now on to help with party members getting in the way or at least the player ignoring collisions with the survivors. The shooting thing was an issue with them not leaving the attacking state when zombies left their trigger. I tried to fix it but couldn't figure it out in time. A way to locate the survivors is a good idea! I was thinking about putting "Help" messages above them but I never got around to it. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Assets and lighting were fantastic! Gameplay was polished as well, I encountered no bugs. I had issues controlling two characters at the same time, especially at different movement speeds when I felt like they needed to be right next to each other. Great job!

That's a really good idea! I spent a lot of time coding the party and camp systems so it just wasn't something I had time for. Glad you enjoyed the game though!

Really fun platformer! Music was great too! It seems to start playing again when you beat the game though. Overall well made game!

Thanks! What part of the controls did you have an issue with?

If I was making it again I'd probably use A* pathfinding for the followers and the zombies. And i wasn't sure how to implement the mini map dot at the time so it didn't make it in haha. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Really enjoyed the intro and and ending cutscenes! My only issue was with the camera getting stuck by the hands. Great job!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Had a blast playing! Rated and commented!

Lots  of details and lots of fun! Haven't seen another detective game this jam! Good job!

Loved it! Rated and commented!

Played through almost the whole game! Had some trouble at the end with boss, I think having an attack and dropping the slime as two different buttons would've helped. Also really liked the slime's moving animation! Great job!

Rated and commented! Nice prototype!

Had some issues landing shots but a fun prototype!

Rated and commented! Enjoyed the story!

Really enjoyed the music! Would've been cool if the other brother was another playable character you could swap to but I played the whole thing! Well done for your first jam!

Pretty game! Rated and commented!

Had a pretty hard time playing by myself, but it was a really nice looking game!

Really fun puzzle game with a twist! The levels were pretty challenging! I got stuck on the first level with two tall hexagons haha. Great job!

A lot of fun! Very polished and bug free for me. My only critique is that i felt like i had to spend time pushing my horde into walls to make them group around my main zombie.

We had to do some optimizing pretty late into development because of the lag from the zombies. It was just a quick fix so I;m sure there's a way to reduce the lag more but I didn't have time. Glad you liked it though!

Thank you! We spent a lot of time fixing bugs and play testing so I'm glad it was worth it!

Thanks! I watched the stream, sorry you got stuck in that bathroom. Really glad you enjoyed it!

Controls were a little slippery, and when I made it to the house I wasn't sure if that was the win condition or not. I liked the attack animation!

Thank you!

Not sure how to play with a friend, do you have instructions for that?

Loved the fact that you get to choose your own spots for the "towers"!  The gameplay felt very balanced and the art and telegraphing was great to. Excellent game!

Love the character design and the in game art, was really hoping for something more playable! Hopefully you can finish it so I can "beet" up some mean dudes!

It took me a second to get the pun, and the new mechanic does make it a "puzzle-platformer" haha. My only issue is how tight most of the move are, I felt like if I wasn't moving perfectly I couldn't beat the level. I beat the second level barely and couldn't beat the last one. Fun concept!

I had an issue when I tried to pick another gun, I always had the shotgun. Loved the enemy variety!

Concept was cool! The post processing was a little much for me, and it seems like your shots don't land right on the reticle but fun idea nonetheless.

It was pretty hard for me to look back and forth between the notes and my character, if there was someway to make them closer together that'd be good. I enjoy the concept a lot!

Yeah the AI only consists of a raycast that has to be in line of sight, hope to add some pathfinding to the enemies that chase you in a future update.  Thank you for playing!

Thank you! The darker environment was a late change but I think it was a good one. And yes, I didn't have a lot of time to implement a dying animation for the boss or a final teleporter so it just kind of ends the game haha.

The enemies will most likely get a speed increase in an update and be more aggressive in general in order to increase difficulty in an updat coming later. Thank you for the constructive criticism! Glad you enjoyed it!

I'm now in love with the idea of a tower defense game in a car. Great mashup!

Love the idea, the gun and car controls could use some work.  The art was really good too!

Lots fun! Got to round 7! I wish the enemies stopped completely when you were typing, I was taking damage while trying to cast spells and having to lead my fire spells. Impressive inventory with separate cooldowns on the items, awesome!