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Incredibly fun chaos farming! Got 94800 points, but I was panicking the whole time and had no idea how to optimise which crops to pick haha

Basé, rigolo et vraiment trop mignon! J'adore les mini sprites de tous les pokémons, on les reconnait super bien!

I had a great time puzzling this game out, it manages to be a real thought-twister in such a tight frame, really ingenious design! The last level is incredibly satisfying to clear :)

Thanks a lot for this great zine! Loved yumehiko's work from before, but I hadn't heard of the other devs included here, so I'm looking forwards to giving their games a try :)

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I have just discovered your game, it looks incredible! Congratulations on launch :)

I was wondering if you have plans to release the game here on Itch, or if it's going to be Steam only? I'm going to get it either way, but I was just wanting to check, as I like getting games through Itch where possible ^^

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Having just discovered your game after getting it in the Queer bundle (and the Palestine bundle too haha ^^'), I'm so sorry to hear it hasn't done great, because it damn well deserves it! I'm totally engrossed, both mechanically and narratively.
I'm definitely going to try to get the word out about it, even if it's just to my friends :)

And thanks very much for the insight into your design process, and into your experience of crunch! I hope you're able to tackle future projects in a more sustainable way, and I look forwards to seeing more of your creative work!

This gave so many feelings! The music slaps and is really uplifting to me now I can't stop listening to it :)

Really loved this game! The card to indicate what your next attacks were gave you just enough information to let you think ahead, but still kept you on your toes ^^

A fun concept, though a little tricky to navigate due to the lack of feedback. Loved the presentation, the screen was always really clear and easy to read despite the twists and turns.

Really fun concept, really great execution! The tension ratchets up really well as you gain more boxes for your raft, and the sheer panic as you see an inconvenient mine coming up...

This was lovely, and a really neat concept!