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Wow I am really surprised !
I didn't expect too much of it but I am well surprised by perfect graphics, nice sounds and overall such a fantastic infinite idle and zen game <3
I will for sure come back to play it after the jam ! The perfect screensaver-game feeling I love !

I don't know why but I'm laughing so hard at this ! It's such an fun and addictive game to me <3
The music is perfect and I could listen it for hours, the art is on point and is maybe why I have such a laughter and good time playing it. Wow everyone would dream to play your game on a Nokia at the time !!!

This gravitational gameplay is completely my jam and I had a blast playing your game <3 <3 <3
The idea of taking pictures and when touching asteroid pics fall into the blackhole IS SO COOL !
I can't overstate how much I had a good time playing your game. Thank you so much <3

Sweet sweet and so short game <3
Really melts my art with those cute sprites !

Finally I finished your game ^^ !
Really short adventure with incredible graphics. The 3D is perfect and so is the HUD. A fantastic use of the restrictions.
My only and huge downsides are the controls and the difficulty of the game. I know a lot comes from the control restrictions, the innovation factors and especially the fact I utterly suck at it ^^
I wish I could do mind blowing gameplay like on your GIF but welp, that how it is. The game felt like a die n' retry to me (which was great) and every new levels and checkpoint felt extremely rewarding !

Nice game, thank you for the checkpoints I wouldn't have finished it otherwise <3

Thank you SOOOOO much for your review <3 <3 <3 !
Oh yeah ! Using 5 instead of 2 would have been perhaps better ^^ (let's not talk too much about it it controversial :P)
I love so many of your recommendations but yeah there was so much cut out of the game because we still wanted to keep the "retro Nokia-like" feeling and only cut corners when we couldn't find juicy alternatives (like the easing in the shop)
As always our challenge -> if we hit top 10 we do an HD remix with no restrictions O'-'O no worries all your suggestions will be featured in !
(for the enemies attacks ... there is a boss ... But I may have F-ed up at the last second the condition for it to spawn ⫷ °⧭° ⫸ well, stay tuned for the first post-jam fix !!!)
The sound aspect is something we would focus for a post version I completely agree

Again, thank you so much. It means a lot for us to receive reviews such as your <3
I wish you a wonderful play time ! Cheers ! 

Thank you <3 ! We are glad you liked that mechanic ! When Robowarrior pitched me the idea of the autlock I knew it was a great one :p

Thank you for your review ! I hope you still loved the game !
Instructions were perhaps unclear... You can't steer if you don't move forward. We will remember your review carefully !

Oh my god we completely forgot to put the other key binds on the page !!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT !!!!!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH <3 !!!  It means a lot coming from you <3
If you don't have number you can play using :

Unmatched level of art <3 ! Really interresting gameplay switching forms ! Great experience overall

The title got me and so did the gameplay <3 Amazing idea and so fun to play ! I could completely see myself play it on a Nokia phone ! I hope to see more fantastic games from you O_O

Really complete game ! I deeply love each ennemies mechanics <3
That idea to run over ennemies IS SO GOOD ;-; oh my god I wished I would come up with that !
There are no flaws to this game !!! A 10/10 no problems B)

I kinda was disappointed on the random generation but well surprised on the gameplay ! Really interresting and nice gameplay. And SO enjoyable when ou get the shotgun >:)

SUCH a perfect idea especially for the jam ! It suited perfectly !
My only regret (perhaps because I suck ^^) is that the spawning aren't synchronised on the two sides. Otherwise great and very enjoyable game !

Oh my god what a banger of sound !!!!!!! It really helped me pushing the game. I think at was really at the end but well I still haven't beaten it ;-; ! I think I will come back to it just for that insanely good music <3 <3 <3
Controls were surprisingly really good and I felt I had a good grasp over it ! I truly enjoyed you game <3 UoU

I tried the game when it came out days ago but I don't know if I got better at it or you changed something but the game is a tid easier and a way better experience !
Maybe the MOST innovative game of the all jam without too much doubts !!!!!!!
The only problem I could find was that AZERTY keyboard are not supported but it isn't a deal breaker with such an amazing gameplay ! Keep making such great stuff !

Hey !!! I'm so glad you joined the jam and published this amazing mini-game <3
I have no other words than "I LOVE IT !"
But ... why did you use vk_anykey for the restart ;-; RIP my 372 screenshot, would have been a record

well I have 'till the end of the week to beat my highscore >:)

Thank you so much !!! We let some innovation down for once for a complete and unique game experience ! So releaved you felt the game as so <3

That's funny you say that ! We have this challenge between Robowarrior and I to make an HD remix of the game if we hit Top 10

I wish you a wonderful time playing all the different games ! We are having a blast !

wow I completely did not see me playing a Bitsy game on this jam, I can't escape the emotions. What an experience, always strong feelings <3

Interresting game but I am kinda disapointed we didn't get more of it >:)

Some jumps are at the right amount of hardness to be easy but still give that subtle feeling of stress and scariness. As said, an interresting experience overall !

Merry Christmas giftee ! SO relieved you like it <3

fun fact it not even is one ! It's *just* a lot of artifices to make it look like a complete simulation. Really glad you liked it <3
I wish you a wonderful Christmas

WOW. Amazing devlog
Also omg that handwriting 😭💖

It's not my type of games BUT you made me love it !!! Great gameplay and level design ❤️

Must be already said but great use of the resolution for graphics.
I found the game a bit hard by throwing you enemies instantly instead of building up fear a bit.
Otherwise perfect and spooky !

That's a mind blowing use of the 64px resolution and gameplay with the zoom mechanic.
Incredible game ❤️❤️❤️

It's a complete 5 stars for me !
Perfect level design and sweet music adaptation to depth.


What can I say, nice puzzles with gorgeous graphics 😍

interesting feedback ! I dumped the health"bar" but I might add it back 👀

lovely short & sweet game 😌💙

Thank you 💖I'm glad you still enjoyed the challenge !

Thank you for your comment 💖
I'm glad you love the game. I'll try to make a "complete" version of the game with sounds and full art + menu/tutorial.
I started working on it the last 48h of the jam. Would have been so much better if I took the time to work on it earlier...

Thank you for your feedback ! With the lack of times I couldn't add sounds and somes assets. Saddly the tutorial + menu didn't make it 😔
I'll try to publish a full version for the post-jam

It's a boss survival game and I added jumps to easily avoid them at the cost of surviving longer.
Don't worry the colors are only graphical changes 😅👍

As everyone said, it's like Luftrausers BUT I still find interesting how the comparison is only for the graphiscs. For controls it is really original and changes a lot from Luftrausers.
In my opinion as I spent to much time on Luftrausers ^^ I would say it's a downgrade but definitely a bowl of fresh air. Keep making marvels like that ! 😍

Great use of space ! In both resolution and theme 🌌

Really poetic when you wander around.. Good overall

Fun game 👀With Survival-like games vibes. Really great use of the resolution.
A bit disapointed of the lack of feedback and mouse control but otherwise great job 💖

Man this jump animation made me dead laughing. Really cute racing game.
Can't wait to play it on GXC to get some highscores ;)

Wow I just fell in love with the game 😍
The color theme + planet imagery + small details like the falling shuttle + the audio + soooooo many great things
Awesome game !!!