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ça fait mal aux mirettes quand on speedrun mais sinon le gameplay et le juice y sont !

j'ai appuyer sur Entré

Entré sur 20

Super jeu, j'ai réussi à arriver à la fin de la démo où je penses la suite est procédurale. Vraiment incroyable comme idée, un sacré bazar tout ça ^^

My first idea would be :
-Changing the HTML in Description for a game.
-And for your profile, you can do the same by going in Account> Setting>Basics>Profile and then all the way down you can modify it

Hi Santa ! Great game for a first one. Thank you so much <3
If you want an advice, maybe try to make the map smaller but with more details.  Can't wait to see more games from you !

thank you so much <3

Sinon il y a cette IA qui permet de créer des fichier à partir de la musique de ton choix ^^

Oups je l'avais oublié ! Merci infiniment Zic !!!

Merci beaucoup du commentaire Joq, ça me réchauffe le cœur !

meow meow meowmeowmeow

my eyes are fried and also really tasty, thx Trix

Great game, remembered me OLDT

Spin outta 10

Thank you so much for your comment <3
The game was just a little prototype, but so many people are interested in it.
Maybe there will be a mobile version of the game in the futur, with more content and better feedback.

Thank you so much for playing !
I'm sad you didn't figured out how the game worked, I might re-make the tutorial if it isn't understandable.
If you have any suggestions to add to the tutorial, let me know.

Thank you so much for giving multiple try to our game !
We are thankful that you tried to play the game more than once.
For the heat slider it's on me ^^ I should have made a tutorial or an outline
You're the first to find those bugs, we are gonna fix them as soon as possible for an update after the Jam.
and for the stars you can't remove them, you can't escape the police demoniac voice ahahahah.
Thank you for all your time spent on Hot, Tasty & Armed <3

Thank you <3
Robowarrior put a lot of efforts in the character design and we are happy that you love it !

Thank you <3

Awesome game ! I love how fast the action is.
The gameplay is really the strongest point.
Sadly I didn't reach the ground  ;-;    (my highest score is 862)

Thank you !
We aimed for something Paper Please-like and we are glad that you felt those vibes

Thank you <3
I'm really happy that you like our game !

Great game !

Good game

Wow your game surprised me, it's really amazing !
I love the action, and the beginning is just the best I've experienced so far !
Keep the great work !

Cool game but a bit too empty. there aren't big challenges

Amazing game ! i don't know what to say more. Everything is perfect !
thank you godmode for the last boss <3

Great game !

Relaxing and charming, a great game !
The graphics are one of best graph' you can find in this jam.
Keep making awesome games like this ! <3

This game is really really great ! Spent half an hour on it and I will play it again !
keep making amazing games such as this one !

I expected a bad game but no this game is awesome !
Great job !

Best game I've played so far, I love it !
gave you five stars ! I spent a great time and I will comeback for more !
Congrats !

Interesting game, I'm sad that I didn't finish the game in 30 minutes, i gave up....
I had fun playing it.

What I call "pixel perfect" is that everything is in a 64 by 64 grid

That is an awesome game with awesome art ! I love the story.
I'm a bit sad that the game isn't pixel perfect and the text is hard to read because of the transparency.
However I spent a great time <3
(good poster choices for Ted's house by the way)

Really cool set of mini games ! Bugs were fixed really quickly.
Maybe the Pong would be better if the inertia mattered but still
Great job !

Thank you <3 

Thank you for your comment ! I'm really glad you love the game ! Now it's my turn to play your game and have fun 

(1 edit)

SECOND BUG :   in the "shoot the bad guy but not the hotdog" game. if you shoot a bad guy and a hotdog spawns after right behind, the game counts it as if you shot the hotdog

(1 edit)

BUG : In the "Scare the kid" game. I managed to make the hotdog not coming.
So it was just free points, 1 118 924 points. I'm unbeatable

Amazing !
It updated my GMS 1.4 to GMS 2 because of how epic it is !

The game looks great but it's not 64 pixel by 64 pixel
you can still fix the problem