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Excellent !

Would love to play new updates it was so GREAT /

I have no words, beautiful.
graph are so great.

one word


Excellent game !
graph are amazing ! 5/5

Great game !
a bit buggy with ennemies.

good game !

thank you for your post !
we haven't shown the controls before each game in random mode because we wanted the random mode to be a mode where you only play and you don't lose time seeing the controls because you already played Story mode and learned how to play.

i'm happy you and your mate enjoyed it !

i hope i will play to a new update going further because it was a great game.

Thank you for you comment, it took a lot of time to finish the game and we are very happy that you love the game !

i think it's a bug, couldn't move camera and work 1 time on 2 for building input.
It might come from my computer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

as my team mate ROBOWARRIOR said, it's a very cool roguelike game.
just a little bug : if you die and you enter a new dungeon, you survive and you can keep playing your amazing Quest

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windows 64-bit can run 32-bit app so it would be better to make it 32-bit

I liked it but it was pretty hard (even too hard for me)
the atmosphere was fantastic (especially with the music) but it's a bit empty
the rough gameplay was a very good choice in my opinion

if you want to try our game :

Highscore : 118
loved this game, graph are amazing, could be a good mobile app (maybe new version ?)
and the game is funny and it does not make you angry if you loose.
Super game !

if you want to try our game :

i had problems with the arrows input but it's really good idea !
i'm looking forward to play futur update of your game !

if you want to play our game :

i'm glad you liked the game ; - )

thank you, it means a lot for us !
it took a lot of times to make all of these minigames and we are happy you liked the game.

the menu is buggy for me, if i close it i can't buy upgrades anymore
the games is extremely weird with how menus work
all the game make the experience weird and kinda unplayable, for me the principe of a clicker isn't to just click but to upgrade and win,
i didn't said it but the idea of The World Feed is absolute genious.

Nothing to say either than it's the perfection.
Nice art,
Good Gameplay,
Nice Audio,
Real Authenticity.

if you want to try our game :

Highscore on easy mode : 854 (pretty proud)
Even i haven't understand all the mechanics i love this game a lot.
Everything is perfect, i'm looking forward to play more of your games and this game again
(sadly i have to play other jam's games before)
easy 9 outta 10.

everyone who read this, PLAY THIS GAME !
it's insanely great !

if you want to try our game :

Very sad that you haven't have enough motivation to keep working on this game.
very nice lights shaders by the way.

if you want to try our game :

i found it pretty funny

if you want to try our game :

Love it ! (you made me spend too much time on this game)

if you want to try our game :

unplayable, not a joke, really unplayable

I know you spend a lot of time making this game
but to be honest :
-it's a bad clicker
-extremely buggy

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horrible camera, but still a good game.
i think it's a 'good' Nintendo 64's like game

if you want to try our game :

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and I think you understood that it was a big mistake to do what you had done. i didn't say that it was a bad game. it just not nice to publish on other jam to get views and downloads, it just give you a guy like me.

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"I followed all the themes: "only one" (GMTK), "sci-fi" (Erstel), and "underground" (Jelly)"
and LOWREZJAM ? 64*64 ?

you respected Jelly's game jam and Erstel theme but not in LOWREZJAM and… only one ???

only one ball ? not soooo great.

(2 edits)

i'm not rude, i just hate people publishing FAKE jam's game
and i hate people lying 2 times either

and you haven't seen "64 by 64".

Are you sure you were really taking part of the LOWREZJAM ?

but thank, you removed it.

so… why there is the same background and same aesthetic as the Jelly's Game Jam ?

and you made it for Jelly's Game Jam, not GMTK's game Jam, liar...

Please, remove your submission to LOWREZJAM or change everything in 64 pixels by 64 pixels to fill in the theme. thank you in advance

10 on 10

not working, and you have to rebuild light by the way

(1 edit)

like every of your project, it's so cool ! 5/5

by the way, when you have a gamepad, keyboard doesn't work, only gamepad work and if you disconnect the gamepad it create two 'divers' and it create a lot of bugs

so finally i finished #14 instead of #7 (raw score) just because my game haven't be played as much as the others. Thank you for this jam but i won't participate to the next one

there are only 101 rating. they might be nearly 210