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Thank you very much!!

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Games where lights are one of the main mechanics always get my attention. This is the first game I have ever finished.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

The graphics are really good and love the music as well.

The camera could use a little tweaking so you can see a little bit more ahead of you but other than that it's great!

I'm developing a 2D Endless-runner type of game called "Firefly". The main game mechanics are like this:

  • The player controls the light with the cursor and the firefly follows the cursor at a mild speed.
  • The map is completely dark and the cursor is the only source of light so you have to light ahead of you so you know where to guide the firefly while being careful not to crash it into something.
  • The map is mildly different every run and the obstacles and enemies spawn randomly.

That's it! I'm just looking for someone that wants to practice their art skills and collab!

I'll be posting about it in the coming days as I make progress but for the time being I have no sprites since I'm terrible at drawing. The main mechanics of the game are being developed.

Nice man, keep it up! The art is really creepy.

The controls could be a little better, but I guess that adds up to the game as difficulty. Apart from that it's awesome, keep it up!

These are great! Thank you very much, look forward to practicing with these.

These are great! Thank you very much, look forward to practicing with these.