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Thank you for streaming these games!

Thank you for streaming these games!

Cheers. It's always nice to get some feedback.

This game is cool! but maybe the camera should be more in front of the player.

Thanks for your comment. I actually planned to have more enemies but then I ran out of time. Maybe I add them in the future.

Amazing zombie sounds.

I liked how you have to constantly change between dodging and aiming. Nice game.

Don't step on them, they're very spiky.

Yay, I did it.

Thanks for your comment. I've now added a warning screen to the start of the game. You need to download the latest version to see it.

Did you know that there is a french review of my game? This has never happened to me before.

Thanks for your comment. I like when people tell me what they liked and didn't like about my game. That way I can learn and try to make improvements in my future works.

This game was inspired by the original Zelda. Like some enemies look like darknuts or wizrobes. In the Zelda 1 Link has to stop when he uses items. But maybe I could've made my game flow smoother :P