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gotcha! fixed as many of those bugs as i could. tell me if you find any more

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1. i'm shout (see: shout)

im a male cisgender heterosexual vanilla-ass motherfucker who makes video games professionally and otherwise and am a freelance pixel artist. this is distinctly not my first game jam. it might be my eighth game jam. i feel like it's my eighth? i'm trusting my gut here but i feel like i'm being misled

also, i mostly use game maker studio

2. i'm here because i needed an excuse to make my first unity game! it's a game about a robot motorcycle who fights the tyranny of invasive communications monitoring by a corrupt quote unquote 'government' by shooting things with her gun, and like a fourth of the time those things turn out to be oppressive corrupt government agents

i would describe it as 'shadow the hedgehog, but he's a mailman and very irresponsible'

and, uh, to help out everyone with game maker problems and any questions they might have about the Mystical Bullshit Wonderland that is game design. and, for that matter, pixel art. and, for that matter, counting to eight

3. why are you asking me to choose between my children like this

i like, in no particular order, cave story 1001 spikes lovely planet doom quake metal slug every single goddamn smash bros rise of the triad serious sam i guess a shockingly large amount of bethesda games despite my better judgement more quake metal slug 2 and 3 (with a burning indifference to the rest of the series) undertale at one point but i guess i grew out of it fallout new vegas fallout new vegas fallout new vegas super robot wars? paranautical activity way more then it deserves and i hate myself for it kero blaster ikachan at least in concept mega man even though ive never beaten any and kirby air ride

holy shit i love kirby air ride so goddamn much

4. ye

i'm good at game maker. ask me about game maker! if you want to maker games, i am the guy to ask

5. i like... comedy? i consider myself a funny person but im not about to stand up on a stage or something. i think i'm better in the form of written word but i've never put out anything i was very proud of. to be fair, i have not tried. it might be an anxiety issue

i like comedy in video games and actually now that i think about it most of my plots are just set ups to one gag after another. one of my games is an ostensibly deep and very soul searching story about a little robot who discovers her genesis on a lonely space colony but then you play it for an hour and you realize it's actually about XJ-9 wandering around dr light's basement making friends through no virtue of her own and getting into and losing big dumb fights with, like, filing cabinets. one of the games i have planned is about a charismatic and noble master thief who steals priceless artifacts by night and studies those artifacts in hopes of discovering the origin of life in the universe by day but then you play it for like 5 seconds and you realize she's lupin the third in a dumb space fursuit and her primary mode of locomotion could be described as 'tony hawk-esque'. the game i'm working on right now is a game about a rebellious underground movement that battles the tyranny of an invasive communications etc etc but slowly, surely spirals to be no better then it's sworn enemy by succumbing to the same greed and callous disregard for human suffering that their foes do, but then you look up and think 'hey, this is like shadow the hedgehog, but im a mailman and very irresponsible!'

im also passionate about the word 'xabungle', but that's neither here nor there


i'm a pretty moist hoistess myself