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shouting dolls

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this is so sick

i couldnt finish this, as much as i enjoyed it. im basically a total shut it rn so the idea of losing online friends or my boyfriends hits a bit too hard. still, this game is wonderful

id let trevor do terrible things to me. great game

cool art but its so fucking frustrating to play. random encounters and a teleport maze at the start of the game are... interesting decisions

this game fucks me up every time i replay it on my birthday. genuinely thank you so much

what a gorgeous game

i dont think its a metaphor, just a meditation on the themes. cause on some level, doesnt it sound nice to just not have to worry about anything, just be togetherness forever? a few years ago id have chosen to become part of it too, possibly


this is gorgeous!!!!

literally lifechanging. also pls put me in  ur game

i like this game alot


amazing post

this is beautiful <3


I wonder if this could be used maybe as an rpgmaker plugin? super cool, good job!

this is a huge order lmao noone will do this

God, what a good game. Id say its as good as most classic rpgmaker games. Do you know if the soundtrack is ever gonna b released?

Wonderful Artstyle!

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Hello there! I'm Nick and I work with music and sound design. I also have limited experience with writing and doing stuff in rpg maker. I'd say the music I make falls into experimental electronic music, and a large part of my compositions tend to be samples taken from old sample cds. If I had to come up with a concept it would be a VN in which you try to romance an eldritch god. You can find my sc at and my discord at person ig#5136.

Hey, I can help with music and sound design! my sc is and my discord is person ig#5136

I's like to join as well. I have a little experience with writing and i also make weird electronic music. My discord is person ig#5136 if you're interested!