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Thanks! I'll see what I can do ;)

Love the concept, this is super cool!
Unfortunately some of my ogg files were silent (opus format)

Wonderful game! Great work 👍


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The game does not use any pre-existing system or assets, as per the jam requirements it was all made within the 24 hours.

Thank you! I'll be releasing a post jam version soon and it includes diving :)
The block placement delay is due to rebuilding the geometry, I am hoping to improve this.


Very solid, movement and collisions were smooth, chunk editing is fast and I quite like the art style with strong AO.

Its fun,  unique and an impressive piece of work with the time spent, well done!

And you didn't post a screenshot of it? :(
Thank you and happy you enjoyed it enough to make something!

Cheers! I'm glad you like the textures :)

Thanks a lot! I was constantly worrying I hadn't done enough the whole time, so maybe that helped

Thanks! Nice to see some creations :D


It does not

Love it so far! My main request would be the addition of a dash and slide.

 - Uses characters current momentum (can't slide from standing)
 - Allows character to go down slopes quicker
 - Potential to use as a way to stun enemies for short period
 - Uses "S" / Down button
 - Mainly for dodging, could be implemented with a quick double press of A/D or an extra key (probably add both options).

This would greatly improve the flow of the movement, though I must say it already feels quite smooth.

Resolution settings would be nice, and I recommend you disable interpolation to prevent the blurring of the sprites. You can either do this globally in Windows>Graphics options of the project, or anytime using gpu_set_texfilter(false).

Also props to adding so many aiming angles to the player character, the art looks fantastic!

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Thanks! Tip: There is a secret key (on the keyboard) to skip levels if you get stuck ;)

Thanks so much! If I win any awards I'll let you know :D

Thanks! Yes I wanted to include more of the morphing mechanic in the game but unfortunately ran out of time~

This means you don't have direct x 9 installed, which a lot of games (including this one) still use.

There is a link at the bottom of the game page (just above comments), but you probably missed it.

Try installing this

Thanks man!

Hi! I'm Jimmy, a Programmer/Developer eager to perform and produce results.

My skills include: GML (GameMaker Studio), C# .NET, JS HTML5, Web server / Data related (PHP, SQL, XML, JSON), Java and C++.

I can pick up new tools and systems quickly, and work with custom engines.

See my site and twitter for some of my projects, and @jmybg.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi, what version of OSX are you running?

Great work so far! Really like the strong colours and low poly style :D

So sad I couldn't get out of the map.. :P

Only thing I would change is the run button. I would build up speed over distance - like mirrors edge, and change the run button to a sprint button for extra speed boost (but for a limited amount of time).

Look forward to updates!

Thanks! Ajmal came up with the concept for that :)

ship in overworld is looking good, added foam particles to it :D