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Absolutely adorable. I loved this!

I love this game! I haven't beaten it yet but I've gotten so close! I think I've run into a bug. Every time I use the "Death from the Shadows" card, the game stops working. As soon as I use it, I can't bring up any of my other cards.

Oh cool! I'll see if I can hop on while it's happening. Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoy it!

Really lovely and powerful. The green color feels both somber and hopeful. 

This is so beautiful and cute! The music choice is really nice too.

Such a sweet game. I loved it so much I played it twice!

I love the environment. Something is really relaxing about the trees and the little bits of grass.

Thank you so much! 

Thank you! :)

Thanks so much! I honestly didn't know what to do for this theme lol

I really like the layout of the house, and the designs on the floor. It feels really lived in. And the sudden cuts really helped create a tense feeling. Also that weird murmur sound in the background is like, just quiet enough that i don't always hear it, but when I do, it's super ominous and effective!

I knowwww!!! I couldn't figure out how to make the game know when you hit or didn't hit something. But thinking about it now that I've slept, I think i could give each sprite a value so if the player doesn't hit anything then it'd be set to 0 and that would trigger something good. I"ll look into it.

Aw this is so cute and lovely.  I was too scared to go into the wolf's house at first, but i did it on my second play through. 

This was great! I love how this continues with the 30 seconds to Midnight story. I always love fetch quests, and in a setting like the apocalypse, this felt particularly pleasing. 

I really like the use of listening through text here. It feels even more intense with the fact that everything is actually silent.  Well done!

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[This comment has spoilers for anyone reading this before playing it!] 

Hahahaha, I was listening to the music and I was like "this sounds more like a club than a haunted house. And then it WAS a club.  I'm so happy. I love the changing colors. That was a happening party.

This was so good! Everyone had such quirky personalities, it was a pleasure to talk to them all. 

Ooh that window reflection is really cool! I really like the color scheme as well. The whole layout was really nicely done.

This was really cool. It felt really intimate and so scary at the same time. 

This was really interesting. I couldn't tell if the flame was good or bad, but I like how ambiguous it is. And I really enjoyed the art. Very pretty.

I was just WAITING for a cat to pop up. I was so tense the entire time haha. I'm happy everything worked out for the little mouse, and I love how the furniture was giant compared to the mouse.

This is a funny game! I like how jolly Claude is. Even is idle movement is like a dance. Really nicely done!

That reflection of the moon is GORGEOUS.  This was a lovely ode to the beach. I really enjoyed this.

I really liked moving the phone. It caught me off guard at first, but in a good way! I also like the slight slant in the design. It gives off this feeling of something is not quite right. It matches that edgy "I'm a detective" vibe but also shows that the detective is the one that's off. I don't know...I don't think the detective met up with Casey. I hope I'm wrong though.

This was really cool. I like how familiar and unfamiliar it all felt. Like, this person has definitely been through the portal before but only briefly, so everything is still pretty new. I also liked how the other person dances around lol

Everything about this was great, but that end screen made it all worth it! I really enjoyed the little looks at different words and time. And I like how you incorporated the theme into this without having it be a huge part of the story.

This game made me really happy. I really did want to watch the flowers forever. The game is so calm, i just want to take a nap after playing it. This was really lovely.

I really liked the line "enjoy your apocalypse". That really summarizes what this game is. Really well done!

This is such a great look into memory and dark spaces. It feels so chaotic but also orderly. Nothing makes sense and everything makes sense. This was excellent.

Really fun! I really liked the puzzles and how silly some of the solutions are.

Great sense of freedom and happiness and good music. I was looking for a game that showed how fun midnight can be, and this is definitely it!

Damn. Everything felt sprawling in a beautiful way. I love that this is all vertical. And the music works so well! Really, really well done.

This is so dreamy and surreal. It's a beautiful game, and I love what you do with colors here. The song works so well too. Really, really awesome game.

I really liked the scale here. Everything was small and simple and then the god, cannon and bus were huge pixelated beings. It gave them a lot of importance that I thought was really smart.

Aww so lovely and cute. I loved this!

Eerie and mysterious. I really like the reflection in the water. 

Thanks for playing, and for the kind words! 

I am SO MAD at how much of a jerk bunbun is! But really I loved this. 

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to know you thought it was strange. That's exactly what I was going for!