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This was so fun. I loved how the music ramped up with the anarchy at the end. Such a delight!

OH NO! I'll try to fix that, though I am new to Adventure Game Studio so we'll see! Thank you for the heads up!

It's like putting yourself down as an organ donor. Some fish are registered fish sauce donors.

This game is so SICK! I absolutely loved it. The art style is so pretty. I felt tense and stressed, but in a really good way. This was so fun!

This is so awesome!

Thank you so much for playing!!

Really love the cartoon art style. Really smart to literally have the game store be your enemy. That was really fun!

Honestly, I love games like these. Simple, direct, honest, and with gratitude at the very end. How could I not fall in a fit!

I loved listening to all the different sound effects in the game.  Especially the "ouchie" and the gravely sounding "meow". It was very funny. The game was fun too! I felt like the keyboard controls were a little hard on my hands. Having to use WASD, and the arrow keys, and shift to shoot, just stretched my hands out a little too much. I think I would have preferred it if moving with WASD also made you look in that direction. But overall, I really enjoyed this!

Felt like a classic flash game. Had a bit of The Impossible Game vibes because of jumping over the spikes. I was rocking out to the music. Felt like a real ball buster.

This was so funny. I genuinely loved being stopped by the frog. I accidentally got the bad ending before realizing the objective lol. And then I got the good ending, and now my finger hurts from mashing! Great Game!

I don't know how I did this, but the chest in the 1st puzzle gave me like infinite money. I just kept clicking 'e' to interact with it, and it just wouldn't go away. I guess I exploited the coin market. Fun game though!

Thank you so much for playing! I really appreciate it.

This was really fun! My favorite part was the music and graphics. It had a really old school flash game vibe that I would have played in middle or high school. Kinda Homestarrunner esque. My only critique is that I would have liked some sort of sound effect for shooting. I didn't really know I was damaging any gremlins until one eventually died. It could also be interesting if some gremlins take more or less hits! small gremlins = 10 hits, large gremlins = 20, something like that. But overall I really enjoyed it!

Good luck! Can't wait to try everyone's funni game!

Thank you! Good job finding the secret!!

Hmm, did you give Clawdette to the investigator? 

Hey there! Did you show the bathing suit to the investigator?

You have to speak with the investigator in the pool room. She allows you access to the rest of the floors.

Thank you so much! 

Excellent, excellent. Thanks so much for playing!

Love to hear you had fun! Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks so much for playing, and for letting me know the little bugs you spotted! Luckily, all of those hiccups can easily be fixed.

Yes, you can play the bundle games on a browser, but UPDATE: the game should work in the app now!

So, unfortunately, I cannot send a private message on itch, so I can't send you the download code without needing an email or perhaps a twitter account to DM you. If you download the game on a browser, you should get a zip folder. Then, you right click the folder and hit "extract all," then you'll have access to the game. You should see "Murder at the Cat Show.exe". Click that, and the game should run.

Hmm, okay I can just send you a copy of the game. Are you on PC or a Mac?

Huh,  that's new.  Are you trying to download it through the Itch app? I haven't seen anyone have issues downloading it through a browser. I'll try to done some tinkering to see if I can fix that!

Oh wow, thanks so much for playing! And thanks for supporting the Ukraine Bundle!

All endings are based off of how many right answers you get.

Ending 1 - Answer all questions correctly

Ending 2 - Get a few questions wrong

Ending 3 - Get all  the questions wrong

I don't currently have a walkthrough with all the right answers. But now that you've played it once, it might be easier to know which answers are correct. I hope this helped!

ooh thank you! I've never heard of A Psalm for the Wild-Built, I'll have to check it out!!

I'm hooked! I can't wait to play the final version. I love the bleak setting. The graphics and music go so well together. I got one win at the horse races and then was immediately robbed lol.

Thank you so much for playing! :D

HAHA thank you!! I know, I'm so weird when it comes to horror!

I'm so glad you like it! :D

Thank you so much!

This was such a beautiful gift! The blue and white colors felt so serene and calming, but also freeing like the blue sky. Thank you so much!

Absolutely adorable. I loved this!

I love this game! I haven't beaten it yet but I've gotten so close! I think I've run into a bug. Every time I use the "Death from the Shadows" card, the game stops working. As soon as I use it, I can't bring up any of my other cards.

Oh cool! I'll see if I can hop on while it's happening. Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoy it!