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Exactly. You get it. Play it and let me know your thoughts!

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It's a game for a buncha folks! Traditionally, one person handles the world and everyone else manages a character. But if you wanna play it some other way, please do! Play it any way you like I'm not yer dad.

I'd love to hear your ideas in more detail! Wanna give me feedback to help develop it more?

Hey there! I'm wondering - is this jam only for video games? I'm a tabletop roleplaying game designer and I'm excited to participate! If ttrpgs aren't featured, I'm also a proofreader and voice actor - I'd love to do voices or writing for anyone that needs it! 

Oh my god someone made a game exactly for me. <3 Thank you! 

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Absolutely, make as many games - or as much *game content* as you want! I'd take a look at Troika, for some cool inspiration. It's a simple game, and Backgrounds give heaps of flexibility and evocative style!  Take a look at super stripped down visions of DnD, where you only have a handful of stats and gear. That's good stuff!

Or, go way back in time and indulge in just heaps and heaps of random tables.  And remember that Swords aren't the only DREAM out there - there are so many different Dreams all hovering around! I am partial to SNAILDREAM and RATDREAM myself, and FIREDREAM is great!  Reach out and grab one of em.