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Thanks !

Unfortunately I cannot run it, I have a 1060 3GB, even making a very small window it has a really bad framerate, and after 5 seconds the game keep crashing. I'll continue trying my best to run it and hope I'll succeed

I loved the idea, that fitted so well the good/bad vibe theme.

That was very fun to play!  but the horror vanishes as soon as you find out that dying has no impact on your progression. Also the watch takes too long so i ended up running everywhere and just make a half turn each time i see the monster.

Thank you for your feedback, yes there is a lot of bugs because i ran out of time when implementing the assets. I will do a better version without the bugs, and there will be a graphical overhaul.

Thanks ^^

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I just saw your stream and yeah, once you took the syringe, you are supposed to see all their true forms and, no more resist phase, they just attract you and make you look them but  you still have the controls and once you're out of their range the stop attracting you. That was very glitchy and laggy, sorry you had to go through that X)

I loved it! I love the PS1 aesthetic. I did both endings but i didn't find how to use the combine button in the inventory. The monsters were stressful to be around, event if they weren't that scary. the main thing that the game lacks is explicit lore in my opinion.

Thanks! There was supposed to be an end but we ran out of time, in the game there is a syringe you must find to alter the monsters ability to control you (you keep control during the encounter and you see their true form), this way you'd be able to bypass the exit-door-looking hallucination and find the true exit, however, only the syringe and the immunity feature were implemented, not the exit.
Besides the syringe, you found everything that was to be found.


I really liked it, the sound design really cool, At moments I had shivers even when nothing was happening thanks to the atmosphere. but i was confused that the fuse didn't turn the lights back on, or maybe I missed the switch.

I'm very grateful for your feedback about the performance, it must be caused by realtime lighting, we ran out of time so i couldn't bake it. And no, you weren't supposed to be able to fly, it must be a collision issue.  I'll try to fix all that^^ i still haven't played your game, I think I will tomorrow

please don't, it is bad.

very interesting! i really liked the way you represented the panic attacks, the voice acting is also really good!

pretty good game!  I find the idea oddly similar to mine ^^

Great Game! one of the best ideas

Good idea, good execution! (i ran into bugs when changing scarfs during arrest)

probably the best game of the jam I've tested yet, it doesn't look like much but the game play idea is great