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Shiny Vacation

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AAAA you're so sweet!! I will keep making games for people like you until I die! 

Thank you so much!

If we delete the manually (web) uploaded build and then uploaded a new one with butler using the same channel (green checkmark) will people who downloaded the first build get those updates or will they have to download the new one manually? How would Itch know which PC channel update to send to users when there is, say, a demo version and a full version?

Check the page now. I have added a Linux build for you! Let me know if it has any issues. 

Thank you! And as for Linux, I'll see what I can do!

My first game! A visual novel about learning to love yourself. Befriend a host of monster people and face off in courtroom-style confrontations to save yourself from eviction, and maybe... worse? Raise relationship rankings with different factions in town and investigate a mysterious woodland valley with your plucky orphan sidekick!

Music by Miguel Bulteau:

Edited by Gwendolyn Hicks:

Watch the trailer:

I got a good laugh out of this! I especially love the bit about 39 hours and $7.25/hr. Playing an overqualified but honest applicant gets me a really low score, and that is really telling about the state of things. Great job!