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Edit: Love the endings.

Excited for the game jam! Been following you guys on YouTube for a while =P 

Question: If I submitted multiple entries would they all be judged? Could they win different prices even if they are all made by the same person? Or do you for example pick the best rated one from each creator as their "participating entry".

Yeah I'm really happy about that too. This game of yours and your other games that I've seen look so pretty with the crisp art and particles ;0 I hope that one day I'll be able to figure out your secrets, you seem to know what you're doing.

Congrats on top 3! This game has what feels like a ton of content so I'm happy for you.

Thank you for your kind comment, you're really sweet. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This game is absolutely adorable! I really love the art and the concept is neat too. I feel bad for the little critters tho lol.

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Cute game!

I like that there are multiple endings.

Haha yeah it can be tricky to get the "best" ending. The order of the items don't matter but I made so only 3 specific items give that outcome when combined. Thank you for your kind words! Here is a hint in case you want it: spicy!

RPGMaker squad!

OMG this is RPGMaker isn't it? I'm so excited to see another game using this engine! I really enjoy it myself and your game looks great.

These OGG files are super helpful! I'm working on a game project and will probably use some of your tracks (list of tracks will be in credits if/when I release it, still go long ways to go).

This is great! I always thought the default looked a little awkward.

Yay thank you! I'm really happy you checked it out :)

This game feels polished and goes on for surprisingly long. I love the detail put into the game page itself as well. Nice job!

Aw shucks I missed this.

Yeah I feel you. I think most of us could have used some more time.

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Really cute game. I like the little hints. I thought it was a Twitter feed at first haha.

I really like the idea and there are some funny combinations but most sentences/combos are a little too random for me to really understand. I figure they are meant to be somewhat absurd but sometimes they are too random to really be cohesive at all.  I think it'd be nicer to play if it was still absurd but perhaps a little less so it's more understandable? Or if you composed all the sentences yourself but that would be a drag. By the way the word ''syringe'' has a typo in case you wanna correct it.

Overall nice use of the theme and cute game though. The thumbnail killed me haha.

So creative! I enjoyed this game and it's feel.

My only feedback would be to resort the levels from easy to hard (pistol was really easy while elephant and tree took me the longest) but I guess maybe that also depends on who's playing.

Cute game.

Yeah I agree Kenney's assets are nice but I still love the way you put them together.

And no, I haven't had a lot of times to really go through everything yet, mostly taken a peek on a couple of entries but yours was the first one I searched for haha. Might play it some more later.

I've loved the look of this game since I first layed eyes on it in the Discord. Been so excited to try it! Good job.