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Shin Spiegel

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Nice game! 

The links for the assets aren't directing the right thing.

Overall, it was a neat project.
Keep pushing.
Keep creating!

This isn't exactly a solution.

There is a way to search on assets?

Pretty cool game bro, this is super neat :D

She is a monster, that's for sure.

The other 'episodes' will have more information regarding her.

Thanks for playing by the way :D


Still, a lot to work on it. In special some animations on the main character pixel art.

Awesome game! :D

Nice game! :D

Thanks for playing! Love that you had fun! :D

Thank you very much. That's a good idea. I'll visit this very simple game in the future, and probably add a better progression.

Pretty nice game!

I was wondering, does Godot provide an API to understand what hardware is running? We could use this to show/hide button depending on the device :P

I will try the game at home just to be sure. Maybe you could check the framerate of your machine, because the controls a tight linked to the framerate, at the 120hz it's pretty hard to jump in time. 

That's true, I may update this.

Thank you very much. I'll add some extra little bits on the game.

Love this game, super fun.

They hosted on newgrounds. Why not host on the itself.
Either way, thank you for the link :D

Looks quite cool, but there is no Linux/macOS version...
Would be nice to have this.

Thank you very much.

There is still a whole lot of room for improvement, mostly adding some juicy to the game, but for now, the game is  "done", I did learn what I needed to learn, and now it's time to move to a different game.

Thank you very much. There was an issue with Godot and Mono, already fixed the exported files. Should be playable now.

There still a whole lot room for improvement, 

I was wondering in adding a possible drop from enemies to increase the shot energy and some extra points.

I do need to add the score on the game over screen also

Could you remove the macOS, Linux, and Android from this release, looks like this is windows only.

That's a small experiment for this kind of gameplay and toying around with the engine and the new language that I'm learning.
I'll take a new look at this kind of gameplay in the future for sure! :D

Congrats on launching the game!

Just updated the game now it's quite hard! :D


I'll try to improve this game a little bit.