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Really cool game , It can be a real game to marketing if You add more features , It is remember me the game who called "There is no game", Really cool simple game.

Thanks for the feedback , I know many people talked that the lasers are slow , And the theme is more a bout that the lasers are stronger together with this glass tool,I will not explain more but thanks.

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Thanks , Me and my friend wanted more like a game that he is easy and fun ,In short word we wanted a "funny" game and a short game that can be finished in like 3 - 6 Minutes , This the types of short game that are funny to make and can only played once , once you finished the game.

Ah really thanks

Thank you really much.

(1 edit) Made it with my friend

thanks , also you game was good.

thank you.

Really thanks.

Thanks , The music of main menu we take from someone (Maybe more like a film we took) , For the game it self it is the music of 8 bit My friend make that . We know that the laser too too long , we can fix that easy but now we build the game and the sumbimmion are over so we can't fix that, and thanks.

Low poly is cool , Me and my friend love it


No problem

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Ah thanks , Fire the laser speed is easy to change ,But now we build the game so it is over ,

Also something to know , Just making One level take me like 1 hour or more , or even 3 hours because Making models make him breakable and much more.

really all the was 5/5 , was the most beautiful and concept from all other 2d games I played until now,

very good job , Your game and your concept are really interesting and cool.

Thanks .

Because The life is to bully camels ,Here you can't bully billy , but camels yes....

Really changing from others project the concept , Also the game is easy to understand and not need a huge tutorial to understand , Simple games can be better that complicated games sometimes , I prefer this game from all other games I playes , For me until now it is the funniest game I ever played yet, good job.

Come check maybe My game that I made with My friend

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Yeah thanks. it your opinion so....

Yeah thanks

No problem

I got rick rolled

What is your discord maybe ? , I don't think I have problem with the code to look at , because in same way me and My friend Making a devlog

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It tell "Mac IL2CPP player can only be built on Mac."

How can you , The only way I have in my brain is to open a virtual machine

Ah We are sorry , We wanted to do for mac but the problem is ... that u need a mac laptop or something to build the game for mac, also wanted for linux but couldn't . I know there is tricks and tips how to do it , But we didn't had time . We was 12 hours before the deadline or less or more and Just for windows build Build ,fix bugs , upload to google drive , put to , It takes time and it was 3 am like that And we were tired.

But your game remeber me risk of rain 2 , The bosses , Really great game for a game that made in a week

Good graphics and art , 4.5/5

The game is pretty good , the concept and the graphics ,Loved the levels .

just one thing sometimes the camera , I don't know what he was doing the camera.

come check out the game I made with my friend.

The idea of to distance enemies of making them more weaked Is good , Also the graphics and the enemies were good looking and the concept were good , 

Just one thing maybe is that , to show the player that the enemies are more weaked when they are not together , either the game were good

come check out the game I made with my friend.

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I loved the graphics and all , the art of the enemy and the players and the background were good , really enjoyed it, I loved the effect of the background when this part moving slower than then to give an effect of far, was good.

One thing is that maybe the enemies has to much hp , it is maybe need of more feedback and satisfaction , of particle system or something else like also sounds , but either the game was great

come check out the game I made with my friend.

The game had good graphics and all and also the the theme fits , because if u want to finish the boss faster u need more allies to help you , The game had good graphics and there was sound .

something missing is more feedback for the player , Like more sound when the allies get hit , I don't know , but the game was great.

come check out the game I made with my friend.

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Even if the game was not made in unity or something else , The game is pretty great for a game that was not build in unity or something else , The graphics was good , I loved the art of the truck 

This game was cool for a game that was made from javascript

This game was amazing by the graphics , I love the art in this game , The Idea of stronger together was straight understood , Also I love the enemy , the helpers . This game was really cool , This game was fun also.

come check out the game I made with my friend.

Just the idea that when you fire an object and it turns to pieces was adding to the game


The game was great , Just sometimes the hints was simple things ,

But the graphics and audio were good , also I loved the idea of the flashlight to discover the place ur standing on.

come check out the game I made with my friend.

The game was great , just there was holes that when you fall you can't get up

just reccommend that making vr games for game jams are not the best option always ,

Because not everyone have vr , Me At least I have , and the game was cool , the graphics , music and more....

Come check out my game that I made with my friend

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The art we good , also I think that the sound of the jump ,

I don't know how your script work but It was a bit weird the sound of jump

Also Just saying that the game sometimes fall down to 40 fps 

So need maybe to optimize , But I understand the case that there was One week,

The graphics were beautiful , I like art like that in kind of 16 bit , 8 bit , it is really cool.

be sure to check out our game , that I made with my friend.