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@adampajor As I said, it was intentional.

@Cheeseness: Indeed, there's no notification for those. And I get comment notification only 4-5 hours later as well, so sorry for being slow to respond.

@Cheeseness ah yes, you're right, the text is skippable. But I cannot skip the scrolling in, ie. if I want to be able to read it, I have to wait for the scroll effect to finish. It would be nice to be able to click that text and have it appear instantly. You know, for us low-attention-span internet gamers. =)

But really, the idea is very nice and it's sad that you didn't get around to implementing more of it for the Jam.

Did you, by any chance, play "Spaceward Ho!" twenty years ago?

I wanted to do a Linux build, but Unity doesn't give the same gamepad mappings on the different OSes and I didn't have enough time to do a controllable build. I may do one this week though.

A cool retro arcade game. Nice! Some levels and a sense of progress would be even nicer though.

Night-time driving? Check!
Creepy feeling? Check!
Existential dread? Check!
Goals? None

Very well-done, but could have a bit more depth to it. On the other hand, it says "drive forever" right on the package, so anyway.

What Odd_Mutant said.

It's not finished and you can see that. Also unskippable text. =)

One-Finger-Death-Punch in 64px. It's a bit too slow to be really exciting, though, and the animations felt a bit slow as well. I was never really sure when to push my sword button to make it fluid. Also, no idea what the red bar at the top means.

Very nice but very hard.

Doesn't work for me on Windows 8.1 with nvidia, neither Chrome nor FF. =(

Very nicely made, but a bit empty. It's an open-world exploration game (so there's not really a goal), but all planets are similar and quite empty.

Very well-made. Has a bit of a grinding aspect to it.

Thanks, that was intentional. I wanted to show how very low-res 64px are if you design things with a modern layout.

Very nice digging game, but it feels a bit slow in the beginning.