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Great game so far! I really like the silent hill inspiration.

The game was creepy for sure. I could see the silent hill influence :) I just wish I could find everything.

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(Check out the FULL playthrough here if you get lost or wanna see the ending) One of the best indie horror games I've played so far this year. Definitely worth playing! LOVED IT!

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That laugh had chills going down my spine! Its like ASMR but the bad kind! Good game, hope to see more from this dev!

Glad you enjoyed it! I cant wait!

Sometimes I miss when a new game is posted. Is there a way to subscribe to a genre or something so I can get notifications when a new game is published? I like to stay on top of things you see.

I got lost in the cellar, it was tense!

Game had an awesome art style, I really like the pixelated style. The subject matter was pretty dark. I'm feeling pretty weirded out after playing lol.

Reminded me of Annabelle, the demon possessed doll lol. I don't speak german but I was able to finish! Great game so far!

Can't wait for the full version. Was fun to play :)

I got stuck but made it to the end. The computer interaction was cool. Can't wait for more!

I loved the ending lol

I can't wait to play the full game! Amazing so far!

I loved this game! I wish it was longer but I think it was perfect as is!