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I still can't turn her into a baby doll, is a method to the demeaning her 3 times aspect...I believe I've done it successfully over four times....but it isn't registering...

The game is not optimized and hence is very heavy on computer resources.

There is no proper tutorial sequence.

With certain characters, the UI completely disappears during an engagement, and hence you might need to restart the game, and lose all progress you made with the character, the best example of this is Aponi.

There is not enough room, and the game doesn't have a checklist system so that players figure out how to progress. Especially new and casual players.

There's an crafting system needed. Either that or I haven't found it.

There is more content here than I'm being let on....I have a feeling.

A save button would be great actually. Because the game crashes on me and has sometimes caused my machine to restart.

And that's about it.

As for the game itself, this....this is a diamond in the rough.

I've never felt sorrier for a character as I have Merrill.😂😂😂

The goddess herself is also a character, and so are the people you recruit, thought the dialogue is limited...I understand the level of detail in the quality of conversation and interaction.

The game feels crude, and if there was a way to keep the atmosphere while cleaning up the code of the game.THIS GAME NEEDS OPTIMIZATION, I speak as a game dev myself.

This game is good. It just needs a little love.

Hello. I stumbled across this game, and I am glad I have, though it's a tough cookie, it's actually a hidden gem,and there's so much potential in this game. There's still I feel I don't know how to do in it like expand the fort and add people and stuff, but hopefully as this gem gets refined and OPTIMIZED, This game will be the go to for trainer adult games.

hello @Faun, how can I contact you? Like other than here.

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@Faun hello, is there a walkthrough for this game I can atleast follow. Because despite the bugs and glitches due to resolution, I talk to Merrill for a bit the the goddess becomes inpatient... I've managed to get her excited and now I'm stuck with her, no interaction past her in the dungeon, also none of the things mentioned none of that content...the most I've gotten to do is to harvest those flowers and kill a bat thing, other than that, nothing, no interaction, do I handle this? I'm playing 0.32a on a Windows 11 PC

hello, is there a walkthrough for this game I can atleast follow. Because despite the bugs and glitches due to resolution, I talk to Merrill for a bit the the goddess becomes inpatient... I've managed to get her excited and now I'm stuck, nothing, no interaction, do I handle this?


please make this as a chrome extension for easy install, thanks

This needs an IDE stat! I'd be using it like all the time! I've been looking for a simple to use engine that works like twine for visual elements...saving your page bro!

I will always love this game!

You are an amazing creator

Woohoo 🎉🎉

A new game!!! Finally!!

it's alright, thank you so much, this is so cool 😎

Do you have an updated one for Twine 2.0?

could i have the source code for this please, it's such an interesting gameand i have ideas on how to expand it.

could we please have a project file for this? pleeeeaaassseeee??

thank you

This game is FUNN! I love the whole vibe of it but i'm led to ask whether you we're sponsored by Tusker


Lemuani, a skilled Maasai archer, has to rid his village of a horde of cattle rustlers. Walk with him as he desimates the enemy arrow by arrow! Available on

Thank you so much for playing the game and loving it! and thank you for believing in us! 

Woohoo! The Altertive ports will be built in a week or so, wish me luck!

hey! this is awesome! i'll send you a link to what i can create with this!

In the aincent town of Hiwamoto, two Dragon Lords sought to bring harmony after years of fighting. In haste they built a road to connect them to their subjects, and thus bring two waring sides together. This road appears only to the worthy. The road was given life, so that it only appears to the worthy, and it moves much like the dragons that gave it life.If it has appeared to you, well, only means one thing... 

You (Imamura Toshiaki) are dared to try your best to stay riding on this living road, which, much like a wild horse, doesn't want you on it and will try it's best to get you off it!

This #arcade #driving #survival game will be an ultimate test of speed, handling and patience. Can you handle it?


it's sooo tiny!