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contact me in discord: shartok#4577
or email:

discord: shartok#4577

I can :)

since no one was buying a web game I made it free
This is still a web game so you can play it in a browser
but I am looking for someone who can remake the game for windows.

SokoPaint But

and everything should ok

Thank you!!!

fancade games can't be converted into an app.
If you make a game in fancade the game will only be playable in the fancade app and in the browser with the link you will get.
So it will not come for windows & android & Linux & mac unless I learn C++ or something like that :(



Also a fun fact:

The HTML contains a link only!

Because this game made in Fancade.

It's ok but did you played the full game?

Sokopaint Laser

How to play: You have to paint the entire floor by pushing the paint boxes with the rolling laser and then destroy all the boxes to win. You can push more than one box at a time. You won't lose if you destroy a box without painting the entire floor. But you will lose if you destroy all the boxes before painting the entire floor.
game link: SokoPaint but
I am looking for feedback. If any one wants to give feedback then ask me and I will give you a free copy.
This game is made with Fancade. It is a very new game engine made by Martin Magni.

also if you have discord then you can DM me.
My discord: shartok#4577

did you mean the 5 levels on browser play?
if yes then the full version has 50 levels.  browser play is a demo.

reload the page

DeHEX 50 is a puzzle game with 50 levels!

The goal is eliminate breakable tiles in this hexagonal grid. For more info visit: DeHEX wiki.

The game is now on 90% sale! Go grab it.

Link: DeHEX 50

WHY Controllers Required?
why not keyboard Controls?


cant launch


That means you have to make a puzzle game where you are not alone. You must have more then one characters!

BTW if you want to make a characterless puzzle game, then it is allowed!

But you can't make a puzzle game with one character.

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Since people are not joining in my game jam server I decided to post the theme in community tab.

cool,cooler,coolest puzzle game. Nice concept!

nice game! i think.

nice and hard game!
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nice loop!

good game
but should have more levels

well... i cant loss.why

how? i can't find it :(