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Shark and Pelican Games

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We are going to look into this! Thanks for bringing it up--we'll see what we can do!

Yessss! More! Alien! Games!
We'd love to get Kiss/OFF on even more platforms if the interest is there! One of these days...

The buy button should be live now! Thank you for your patience (and bravery)!! :)

Hi, thank you for the question! Sorry about the confusion - so it turns out our file size is slightly too big for itch so we won't actually be able to upload until later this week. It's live on Steam now but if you'd rather wait for the itch version it's absolutely still coming very soon! Thanks for your patience & I hope we make it worth your wait! :)

We are so excited that you are so excited :)

Hey, sorry to hear you're having trouble! We're looking into this – in the meantime, could you try downloading and launching separately from the Itch app? It might take a few tries, depending on your Mac's security settings. Please let me know if it still doesn't work for you!

Hey, there! We just released our new game, "Bard Harder!" It's a visual novel where you play as a Bard in a TTRPG who would rather flirt than fight. It features a completely original soundtrack and loads of fun art. Come give it a try!