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Shannon Apple

A member registered Oct 17, 2019

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The imagery you already have for the start screen looks alright. I think you might be underestimating your own ability. The images may be AI generated, but a huge part of design is knowing how to put elements together on a page.  On saying that, the "Carson Hotel" logo is hard to read, so I wouldn't place them on top of each other like that.

I work as a graphic designer and I'm actually learning game design as well at the moment.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to work with you on this project, as I'll be tied up for the next year with course work, but wanted to chime in to say that I like the imagery that you have.

I hope you find someone that can stay true to the look and feel of your game, and add some polish, because as it looks right now, I would probably buy it.

Yeah, that's going too far. If a game doesn't have representation of all minorities, it doesn't make it vicious in any way. And your incest comment is a stretch since they are not blood related. I think it's sad that the world has come to this, that something is of less value because it didn't meet absolutely everyone's expectations. How about just enjoying a well-written story for what it is?

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I use a mac, and there are enough great games in here for mac to make this bundle worthwhile (although, I had already bought some of the better ones on Steam XD)

Got this game in the BLM bundle, but had already bought and played it on Steam. I love it. There are times when I want something challenging and others where I just want to sit back with a cup of coffee and play something relaxing with a gentler learning curve. This is that game. The colours, the music and the puzzles made for a beautiful calming little game to play on an afternoon during this crazy lockdown. =)