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Amazing work!

A downloadable version would be cool though. I had to refresh the browser three times until the game started.

It's germany.

Steam blocks NSFW content there since december 2020.

(If you're interested in the details behind it, there is a discussion that summarizes this insanity pretty well: The fault is on both Valve(Steam) and the german gouvernment.

The problem is that I can't see NSFW products anywhere on Steam anymore (including the web version). VPNs don't work because they get your location by your payment information as well (and they generally block those IPs when you try to create an account).

This really makes it impossible for anyone to get (or even find) such games via Steam when they're living in germany even though, if the game itself is perfectly legal to buy for an adult there. -_-

Thanks for your reply and your efforts.

Maybe there is another platform where the game can be sold in addition to Steam without much effort. I can only talk for myself but I'd be happy about it.

I'd really like to buy the game on steam. But since they are too lazy to implement a proper way of age verification in in my country, I'm not able to.


Hi Dezue,

thanks so much for the reply! Now I got it! :D (I always put the two guys one tile too far to the right for the bottom left one^^) 
I would love to buy a view of your games at Steam but Steam Germany has been allergic to sexy content for the last two years.
So if you happen to publish them on another site as well, I'm happy to pay you for your awesome work.



I just don't get what to do for the bottom left and right puzzle. I have no idea of what I'm supposed to do.

Appreciate the work the developer put into the game. 1$ isn't much for that.

Quick question about PCVR. I recently tried to play it via Steam VR with my Oculus Quest 2. It seems to load the game in VR mode but my Quest just gets stuck in a black room. Is PCVR currently supposed to work with this version of the game? It would be pretty cool to see it in VR.

I like it. It's a nice demo. Of course polish is needed but you've put together real nice base mechanics for interesting puzzles and platforming sections.

Keep it on! ; )

Sorry for the disillusion. This doesn't help, if Valve simply blocks your connection if you use a VPN (first hand knowledge).

And you can believe me they are pretty good at detecting this. The original accounts are locked to the location that is associated with your payment information and new ones can't (/almost can't) be created via VPN because in 99% of the cases they'll know it is a VPN you're using.

Is there another way to purchase the full version?

Steam blocks anything NSFW in Germany since the end of 2019. It's the same with your game. I can't even see your devpage.

I love it! Great music, fun game concept and lovely visuals. Take my Patreon money and keep up the great work! ;)

As always a very fun concept and nice unlockable content. Keep on your great work! :)

The Pong minigame seems to be broken. The whole game area is offset very low so that about half of the lower game area (and therefore the paddle) is outside the game window.

 Also I don't get to progress to level 2 even if I manage to beat it this way.

Wow, that was fast! :D

Thank you for the information.

Steam blocks the game and dev page for the entirety of germany so I can't get it there. Is it the same version as on Itch (except for the Steam related features)? I'd happily buy the new version of the game. I simply can't on Steam.

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  • You could give random color palettes to enemies. This would be an easy way to create more variety and can for example be accomplished by using shaders without much effort (for color variations you could just make the sprites RGB and then exchange the initial values)

In terms of controls:

  • It plays very good (fluently) for the early state it is in, which is very good.
  • Depending on where you want to go, I would like to have the ability to duck, duck kick, dash, slide, air-attack, maybe climb. But as I said: It depends on where you want to go.

In terms of "content":

  • I'd like to see a wolf enemy (a classic :D)
  • What about dragons?
  • Snakepeople (Lamia). I think I haven't seen many of those slithering around in other games.
  • Anthro badgers.

I really like the artwork. Sheila looks great! And all in all (as far as I can tell, comparing it to other games) you've put some effort into the underlying programming what I really appreciate.

Not anymore in germany. We can't even see the dev pages of nsfw developers on Steam anymore (Web version and client version). It's rediculous because the only reason that's been given is that underaged people might be able to buy this stuff (while every way of online banking is available for adults only anyways).

Currently some courts in our country are seriously working on deciding that our ISPs have to block every major porn site. I can't even find words for how backwards societies are moving in some aspects.

Happy to hear that you'll soon publish this game on Steam, too. But please be so kind to put the new version on Itch as well.

I ask this because since around 12/20/2020 Valve blocks almost everything that's NSFW in Germany (They are really going nuts!). Right now, if you publish something exclusively on Steam, no one from Germany will be able to buy or even see it for the time being.

Rock solid bundle :)

I love it! Looking forward to seeing the adventure continue. :)

FYI: Steam blocks everything NSFW in germany since around 12-2020. So currently no one from germany is able to buy any of your games or even see your dev page on Steam.
Hence, please also publish it on some other site besides Steam (for example when it is ready.

Am I allowed to use sprite assets or in general, material that I haven't created on my own and during the jam? (Of course given, that the license of the assets allows me to use them in the first place)

Unfortunately the Soundcloud link is down. I would be interested, if the music fits my project.

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First of all, the sprites look nice. ;)

But without knowing, if this pack only contains the shown 12 sprites of the wolf, 15$ is a pretty high price. Compared to other, already existing packs it may even be a bit much, if there where all usual standard animations included in your pack (walk, attack, jump, duck, die). I don't say that you don't deserve to charge what you deem an apropriate price, but I think the price is a bit too high.

To give you some landmark: With what I see (12 sprites, walking animation) the maximum amount I personally would consider to spend is around 3$ (others may pay more. This is just my personal point of view.)

Also, it would be good to know which resolution the sprites have (for example 16x16, 24x24 or 32x32). By this I would know, if they fit in my (for example) 32x32 pixel art game without problems or not.

I really like the comic-style in which the illustrations are shown. In combination with the soundtrack it gives the game a great vibe. :D

If there where a downloadable version, I'd definitely buy it. For me the HTML5 version basically worked but the game partially slowed down remarkably at certain (probably random) points (maybe just a problem I personally encounter).

You have already created an absolute piece of art with SpacePaws (I loved everything about it). So I'm really looking forward to see this game progress. :D

Greetings and best wishes!

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the game. It looks great so far :)

Of course I don't know what you are planning for the final game but I would really like to see a yet bigger variety of characters to meet and maybe a view different scenes, depending on the dialogue options I choose (or how often I interacted with the character).

I could help with a german translation, if you aim to do one when the time has come. ;) I really like the game so far.

FYI: When you publish the game, it would be nice if you put it on an additional site/store besides Steam (like Itchio).

I ask for this because  since around 12/20/2020 Valve blocks almost everything that's NSFW in germany (They are really going nuts!). So, if you publish exclusively on Steam, no one from germany will be able to buy your game for the time being.


A downloadable (offline playable) Version would be great.

I encountered problems that the animations bacame stuck every view seconds, seemingly taking about ten seconds each time to load the following animation data. On my mobile device (Chrome) this lead to a black screen and a completely frozen game, requiring me to start it over.

Also, it would be nice, if you could distinguish between the male and female characters without having to bring up the "extended dialogue" options.

Besides from that I really like the game. The visuals look good and the core concept is interesting and serves it's purpose.  So I'm really looking forward to what will become of this project and hope it will grow and improve. ;)