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Desire Den

A scalie/furry swinger club simulator for PC with VR and Android versions included · By Frosted Brain

Desire Den PC Update 1.2 - New Dialogue, Mysterious Visitor Tease And Fixes Sticky

A topic by Frosted Brain created 50 days ago Views: 267
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- Pinky Idle Loop Fix

- Dialogue White Square Fix

- Proper Paw Prints As Foot Step Marks

- Mysterious Strange Man In The Doggie Den (He doesn't say much right now ((much at all))

- Desiree Sitting Breast Weight Adjusted To Be Less Stiff

- Pink Ivy For Feb (First taste and the beginning of many themed events)

- Fixed Random Light Leaks On Second Floor

- Added some new dialogue (To introduce the upcoming new scenes for each character)

- Idle Males Have Boner Weight Now

- Fixed Brightness Issue And Added AO

- Interaction Text For Scenes Overlay Fixed

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