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Thanks for playing. The level was haphazardly thrown together and a lot of things don't work the way I want. But it seems like everyone wants more speed and less shit slowing them down.

The art style is good, reminds me of Post Void. There's a lot of enemy variety as well which is great.

Get rid of the reload. Go full DOOM and just let me keep shooting. Get more sound in, it would help with the atmosphere and make it a bit more frantic with all the enemies. The ammo pick up notifications should be on the HUD, I clip through them in world space and can't read them.

  • I very much enjoy running over peds.
  • The visual effects can make it difficult to see where I am on screen.
  • The one-button gameplay works, but maybe consider some other control schemes for people who want more precision.
  • Using the truck was WAY easier than the 86.

I liked the art style. But I the game felt broken. The balls reacted like an ant trying to push massive lead balls. It feels terrible. I don't know if the physics were broken or something. Also, the lack of exclusive fullscreen with keeping the mouse inbounds meant that I was selecting other windows on my other monitor or in the task bar when I was trying to shoot.

I liked the art. The game seems pretty difficult. It also crashed a lot.

The mesh destruction is neat, but I'm not sure what the point of it is. Also, the special attacks don't track with the player, they seem to just spawn at a world point.

  • Good idea at its core.
  • Guns have decent animations for how simple they are.
  • I appreciate the amount of movement options.
  • The recoil is a little much. I have to aim at the floor to hit targets sometimes if I maintain firing.
  • Slide needs some work, it doesn't feel prolonged enough.
  • Slow-mo doesn't feel slow enough, might need a visual effect to go along with it.

I agree with the sentiments that this is pretty much a tech demo. But I do like the destructible environment. I hope you can figure out what you want to do with this.

I think this plays pretty well. The gun sounds are unaffected by the volume slider, and they're quite loud.

You've got some good fundamentals for a 3D platformer. Unfortunately there's nothing to do in the demo. I hope you develop the idea further.

Very juicy. Art style works very well. I also think the physics work better than the original Suika Game.

  • Interesting ideas with the random shapes.
  • The random shape mode is surprisingly fun.
  • The Suika++ mode (Rising floor mode) is an interesting take on the idea. May I suggest renaming it to Speed Suika?
  • The music doesn't loop, and I have to restart it when it ends.

When you have the momentum, this game can feel great. But when you lose that speed it's really frustrating. Especially when I try and dash uphill, it just loses speed immediately. But if I turn back and hit a downward slope and the make my way back up the upward slope, I don't lose speed.

I got lost a few times. You could put some arrows or something around the edges of the screen to point you in the direction of the next checkpoint, instead of only showing them when their position is in screen-space.

Make the red objects full bright or emissive or something. In shadow it's really difficult to see what is or isn't red.

I enjoyed what I played, keep at it.

I played this a few Demo Days ago and had a great time, and I had a great time now. Only real negatives I have are that the whackier weapons didn't seem to spawn for me, although that might just be bad luck on my part. And the game crashed on my third run when I selected the restart button on the game over screen.

  • Fucking hilarious
  • Drop kicking humans into an explosion is great
  • Colliding with objects seems to turn you around unintentionally
  • Decent core gameplay.
  • I think too many enemies spawn a bit to frequently to start with.
  • You need more sounds. The crystal picking up sound is fine, but it's the only thing in there.
  • More weapons or mutators for the spells would be nice, but I'm sure you have those planned.
  • Different enemies with specific weaknesses to ice or fire would help force the users to use both spells. As is, I overused fire and didn't realise I even had ice attacks until several minutes in.
  • Some controls UI would be nice, especially to see what things I've equipped. (Kinda like HoloCure)

I played an earlier demo of this and had a better time. In the new demo I couldn't figure out how to get out of the first room. If it's meant to be a tutorial it's not helpful.

  • Interesting game idea, some fundamentals are promising.
  • You show the controller prompts in game, but not the keyboard ones.
  • Stealth kill animations would be nice, either from behind or dropping down on people.
  • Needs some more UI to help with whether or not enemies can actually see you. There's an exclamation mark when they're alerted, but nothing when they're searching.

Last year the deadline was extended right up until the first of January. Is that likely to happen again? Because I could do with the extra time instead of trying to rush something.

The precision and dealing with obstacles seems to be recurring issue for players. I'll have to rethink how I build levels.

And I've played Distance, which is the follow-up to Nitronic Rush and it's had a good amount of influence on the project so far.

The speed of the game is something I'm still working on. I thought I fixed that rail jumping bug, I'll have to test it some more. I'm torn on having the player bail on a bad landing, but I do want to have a mechanic tied to a good landing to encourage doing tricks.

Yeah, I'm still experimenting with obstacles at speed and how I want the player to control. Originally it was gonna be a game where you only moved left and right and were constantly getting pushed forward, but I switched it to full player controller over the speed and turning. I'm still trying to figure it from a level design point.

You can reset position by pressing R or Touchpad / Select on a controller.

The tutorial messages are just trigger boxes you can go in and out of. If you pass one, you can just reverse back into it. And you can press R to reset back to the checkpoints.

I only played the first 5 level due to time constraints. The art style is cute and the sounds are good enough.

The beginning of the game introduces too many mechanics too quickly. I found myself getting overwhelmed a bit. Basic movement mostly works, but occasionally the character would just stop unable to move in a certain direction and I would have to fiddle around a bit until they would move in the correct direction again.

I managed to softlock myself in the 5th level as I missed the first two targets and was unable to go back and get them, and reloading the level put me back at the later checkpoint so I couldn't restart it. Most puzzles on the level reset fully, but some are required to be done in order to navigate the level, so if you die in a certain spot you end up having to do a puzzle more than once to progress. The checkpoints are in some very rough places too, often placed before transitions to other parts of the level.

I encountered a bug on the world map that would cause me to drift around without putting in any inputs, it eventually started working properly, but it was very annoying. Finally, the loading screens were very long.

I know you've been working on this game for a while, so I don't want to be too mean. I streamed the game and someone suggested I send you the video for feedback, so here:

Hopefully it helps.

I think this game is a bit of hilarious nonsense. The animation stuff got a good giggle out of me. That said, the movement mechanics are really complicated and have a very steep learning curve. I also couldn't figure out what the objective was in the level that was available. I'm not sure what you're smoking making this, but I'm sure it's pretty strong.

Interesting Metroidvania. I like the art style, but some of the foreground objects get in the way of being able to see things, maybe make them translucent as the player gets behind them. The combat and movement is very stiff. The sprinting seems to stop working at random times and dashing doesn't seem to work at all.

The UI is very buggy, and I have to click through multiple things to get it work sometimes. I also can't get the controls and settings menus to close properly sometimes.

The little green dot in the top right isn't a good enough representation of how much health I have and a health bar or percentage number would be better. More health items would be nice too, or make every save station heal you.

Just to not end on a negative; I liked the pre-rendered animations for the menus and saving, reminds me of a 90s PC game.

I was going to ask if it was only meant to be one level, but after checking here there are apparently more I didn't see. I like the transition effects and sprite work.

I'm not sure if this is intended, but I could deflect projectiles back at the first boss, but it only works half the time and it always detonated right after, making the deflection pointless. The typeface (Or font if that makes more sense to you) is a bit difficult to read at times as some letters look similar to each other. There's also more to the controls than what the tutorials explain.

I can see it's fairly early, but you're getting the fundamentals in place. As a Sonic game it should be faster, and the conservation of momentum isn't quite right in spots. Otherwise, have fun trying to get hired by SEGA.

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My only complaints with this are that the enemies are bullet spongy and the level seems to change a bit when you die and reload (Props and enemy placement). Not sure if the latter is intentional. The UI needs some work, I wasn't entirely sure what I was with the ally AI doing outside of the auto-command stuff.

I'm not super into Solitaire, but I gave this a go. Sprite art is pretty good. I'm glad the tutorials are there, but I think they should be implemented into gameplay rather than just tooltips. Might be a pain to make. Skill descriptions don't give me enough detail for what something does or they're a bit difficult to understand. Some of the sprites have weird lines around the edges. If this is a Godot game, try disabling mipmaps for the sprites. It's pretty neat.

Moving around doesn't feel great, I turn by aiming, but I can't strafe left/right at all. The aiming reticle is either not in the right place or projectiles are firing lower than they should be. You should either pause the game while I upgrade my stuff, or stop making it basically require me to take my fingers off the movement keys. Needs some sound.

Just to not be overly negative, I thought the weapon upgrades were alright and the enemy variety was good.

This is a bit too gimmicky for me. Very difficult to play by yourself, it feels like this is more of a two-player, one controller deal. It's very fiddly, if I could lock in one player while controlling another that might help. The balls would also roll over the holes a lot without going in, maybe make the hitbox a bit bigger.

I did like the anime style pop-ups and hitting the other player with the ball is funny.

This looks great, there's some nice production values here. Really like the animated logo.

I tried to use the gravitational force of each bubble to propel myself, but it didn't really work all that well for me. Is it an intended mechanic that I'm doing wrong?

I assume this is more of a deathmatch kind of game?

I thought the weapons were pretty varied, some better than others of course. I'm not really into the floatiness of it, but it is underwater so I guess that makes sense. I think you would add a line from the player's gun (Like a laser sight) to help with the aiming.

It's a bit early, but I can see the idea.

Fix the camera more to the plane, I often turn and the camera doesn't follow it at all. I would also like gamepad support. Some additional UI for bullet prediction, it's hard to describe what I mean, but in a few other flight games, when you're locked on to an enemy there's usually a little circle or something on the UI that gives an indication of where you should be aiming to hit your target.

I've been looking forward to trying this one. The drifting and turning seem OK. I like the billboards. The art style is pretty good overall. Colliding into walls and such makes the car just bounce off like it was rubber, I would expect more weight. The fuel mechanic runs out too quick and isn't really all that fun. I streamed this game, and had to mute it because of the licensed music, give me an option to turn it off or replace it with royalty free stuff.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Interesting little thing. In terms of things to add, maybe a indication of directional velocity so I can see what direction I'm hurtling towards a bit better. I noticed your ReadMe mentioned testing for performance. I had no real issues on a Ryzen 2700 and GTX 1070.