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Hmm that's very odd, the freq controls work for me... What happens when you change the speed knob, or the accel knob? And how are you running the app?

Fixed! See details here:

So hopefully the version I just uploaded should both be able to open at all (I hear that's important), and should be able to save .wavs without issue!

Fixed! See details here:

Fixed! See details here:

Fixed! See details here:

Hi! Sorry about that, something about the upload process broke the app signing! I've uploaded it a different way now (and checked by downloading it myself!), so the issue should be fixed.

Yeah it's a weird one, I'm sending exactly the same wave data to the different playback systems, but the desktop one comes out quieter... No clue why! 

ChipTone needs webGL hardware acceleration, which I believe isn't on by default on Firefox for Linux yet. You can turn it on though, on about:config, you'll want to look for the vaapi settings

No plans for MIDI input in this version, but hopes of a VST version in the future!

No current linux plans, I don't have a linux box any more for testing, and the HTML5 version hopefully covers anyone who does want to use it there!

No current plans for open sourcing, maybe once all the features are in? It would take some tidying and a LOT of commenting...

SO! Under the hood, I wrote ChipTone's synth to be entirely modular, it's just set up in this particular configuration to make a usable tool for the most people. But I do have very vague plans to make a modular version at some point... Finishing the main features here comes first though!

Oops! As I said in the reply below, I messed up on the codesigning, but I think I've fixed it, so have another try with the latest version! Thanks for letting me know!

Ah sorry about that, looks like my codesigning was slightly off, I'm pretty sure I got it right this time around, so have another try with the latest version that went up a few minutes ago!

Hi! So I did want to fix this before release, but when I try to pass a default file name to the save dialog - "sound.wav" for example - the save dialogue glitches out and shows a big mess of random unicode instead. I figured leaving it blank would be the best bet for now, while I find out what's happening!

I do! Fingers crossed it'll just compile for the Mac target first time, but it shouldn't be too much work if it needs fixing up...

Hi everyone! So this is ChipTone, a free sound effects tool I originally made in Flash back in 2015. We all know how that turned out, so I decided to port it to HTML5 and C++ versions, and put them here on itch! 

All sounds made are under the CC0 licence, so free to use for anything, no credit needed. Now that I'm back into the source, I'm already working on new features again, so look for updates soon! Very welcoming of feature requests and any bug reports of course.

Thank you so much!! 

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A detective mystery adventure where the murder suspect is... a painting!?

My brother Adam and I (plus a handful of our very talented friends) have spent the last few years making Tangle Tower, and we're so excited to have it out in the world! The game launches tomorrow (Tuesday October 22nd), I hope you'll take a look!