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Thank you! You are just watching us at the beginning - stay tuned out for regular updates.

you helped give her a lot of exercise thank you

thats exactly what happens in the video: nothing

Since this is the most popular thing I have ever published, you can expect more content or another "mini" game. Maybe I can make a party game with enough minigames. IDK work in progress thanks for being a champ and being one of the firsts to try it out.

Your valuable input could be featured in the next update

Very well done, following!

Very visually appealing I like your art style

did you check the youtube video it was based on?

That was very kind, thank you! I have been playing daggerfall unity recently and wonder if learning to mod that will teach me unity. 

History is one of my greatest passions in life, but I've taken many wrong turns that have led me to live quite an isolated life- if that makes sense. Are you interested in explaining your work to me in more detail, privately if preferred? I am eager to learn more and frankly I dont have many friends. 

Just reading your commentary is a pleasure. Do you have a formal education in history?

You can do a lot in 24 if you are motivated.

Very kind

Thank you! Yeah I didnt have many color options, but its supposed to be a "sludge"
I wanted to spend more time adding explanations, but choose to cut it short so I made sure to push a finished project.

Which part would you like to see more of? I am working on other games and am wondering what you enjoyed the most. Thanks for your time!

Thank you! A lot of people found the video parts quite interesting, it may be something I experiment with in the future in longer games. Thanks for your encouragement! 

The new rpgmaker mz engine is quite good! It was my first game with the engine, I got it on sale a few weeks ago. Thanks for the kind words stranger. 

I was hoping to come back and add more, but life had other plans.

I really appreciate your compliments though, they are encouraging. I made the decision to cut a lot of the things I wanted to add in favor of making a complete product.

Completing projects are something I almost never do, so the fact that I created something from start to finish was meaningful to me. 

I was rather disappointed in myself that I didn't add more, I generally like to add a lot of bits and bobs. I might have to disagree that all games have choices, in a way the only way this could have been created and completed was because I stripped out all the choices and went pure story. 

I have no reason to lie, nothing to gain from it. I only want people to enjoy the game. I agree I could have spent more time on it, but I didnt. 

Im not sure how I can prove I made this in a day, but in the absence of evidence that I cheated maybe you should give me the benefit of the doubt?

I guess it is nice people are impressed, but you guys have horrible attitudes to new devs. Why would anyone want to start out when everyone accuses them of cheating? This jam is literally nothing but an exercise to make games, if you cheat you are only cheating yourself the practice. 

Kind of but it's pretty awesome. Did you make this yourself? If so I admire and recognize your talent. This just took me back to another world when we got our internet from floppy disk free trials. 

So do I, that's why im looking forward to your submission! 

Right now the only other thing to do is talk to the homeless man living near the woods. Normally I include a ton of easter eggs, but you're right this game is bare! Thank you for your video and extensive comment, it's just the type of thing im looking for. Right now im working on a "Darksydephil" game which is consuming a lot of my focus - but maybe I can add a bit more to Gaias Tears. If the rules allow I can try to do it before the week is over, if not than sometime in the future I can complete this game. 


I am looking forward to your submission, I know it will be the best. 

As someone who grew up on classic games I believe limitations can be used to inspire creativity. Find a way to tell the story in the simplest way possible using the skills you have. Nintendo is famous for this, make something look far more complex than it actually is with polish. 

I think a short intro would set the mood, maybe it could be easy to do? Comic book style would be easiest

Check my game maybe that can help? I can suggest to you some youtube videos that will inspire. Try to tell a long story in 5 or 10 minutes thats the idea. A lot gets left on the cutting room floor - but as long as you push something out it will be okay. 

can you upload this to play in the browser somehow?

oh I think I replied to him thinking he was talking to me but he was talking to you - either way that guys is kind of a lame duck. He's not really contributing much to the conversation - he probably gets off on abusing people try to ignore him. I will try to play your game when I get some time tonight!

What are you saying "taking everyones assets?"

Let me see you do the same thing.

I am not going to create a new tileset for an hourlong gamejam. I used videos I found on youtube which related to the materials and fall within fair use under educational use. They are clearly sourced and I even commented on the guys video to let him know I was making a game with his video. 

I am looking forward to reviewing your submission. 

you tell me you can't believe I made it in a day and also say it could use some work - presumably because I made it one day and phoned it in.

I literally credited the video in the title, I dont know where you get that I used my own video. 

Are you accusing me of fraud by saying you dont believe I made this in a day? I don't take that accusation lightly. Either retract your statement or provide evidence for your baseless claims.

I uploaded this to steam if you want to poke around it yourself.  I have the thought that I can improve this if there is some sort of interest - I do enjoy feed back. I find your criticism to be lacking . I think you spent as little time playing my game and researching the event as I spent creating the game. As with most JRPG projects, they can be edited if the original files are saved - so as I mentioned if there is interest in the future I can try to push an update. I consider Gaias Tears a complete work. I made sure it played from start to finish fluently.  It tells the story. A masterpiece? No. That was never its intention. 

I DID make this in a day. With a lot of distractions as well. And I agree that I could have done better, but I have other games im currently working on and just wanted to finish (I almost decided to quit and not finish as I usually do)

I believe one of the suggestions were to not spend too much time on this project, so with that I did ensure I created a finished product which worked and is free of bugs. Im sorry its not emmy award winning, but maybe it will be next time.

What would you like to see added?

Woah I really like this also I had no idea you can make the game profile have effects like this - you are very stylish and polished!

I already have quite a few good ideas, if anyone wants help with a theme tell me the country and time period and I will give you interesting event to make a story on.