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That's what betas are for

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After starting the game on another (very similar) computer, I have now seen that this generation is indeed a glitch.

And as you might wonder, no, my C drive isn't empty.

Good luck with that, I'd be glad to provide more details as you ask.

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Well, I think the title says it all.

I finish the first cutscene and get in a room with a locked door, Untitled.doc and Grandpa.jpeg, and a sign saying to pay attention to the colors of the files. Grandpa.jpeg says the architect should know where the key is. 

Being my first experience with the game and not knowing where to go, I ended up editing the actual totems file, trying to find a "key" file or the  last created file in the actual folders the totems point at, but only to get the game to crash (I did edit the game files, after all).

Here is the map of the room I'm in.

As you can see, nothing much other than the locked door.

I don't ignore the fact that I might be a dumb player missing the obvious solution, but I've been at it for half an hour, and it's really starting to feel like a glitch... Either way, can you help? I'm excited to finally try the game I backed so long ago.

Windows 10, by the way. I'll try on another compter as soon as I can.