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Ohhhh this looks great! Can we have a Linux build? :D

Thank you for playing it! I'm preparing already a post-jam version with more quirky features and helpful visuals. I hope you can give it a try!

Lovely game!
The combinations are rewarding enough to keep discovering them, so much so that in my case I tried to combine a pair of the last ones to see if it unlocked a new one, but nope :c. Cute graphics and amusing SFX. Not a fan of the music, tho.
Amazing work!

Nice game!
The stylized graphics and visuals are really good. I loved the little details like the spinning fan at the center of the base, the different bullets and the light that goes off for the blue turret.
The difficulty is mostly linear but it keeps you hooked.
Great job!

P.D. Here's my base:

Hey everyone!

Sorry for commenting so late, we should been more clear about the state of the game :/

The art is indeed great! You can visit the profile of @cantbefantasy for more.

I'll be working on the post-jam version until completion, hopefully you give it a try!

Sorry again!

Really amazing work!

A lovely and cultural presentation, and straight nailing it with the theme.

P.S. Y esa cumbia carnaaaal es *chef's kiss*

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I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I was having second thoughts about that mechanic, actually. I died a couple of times near the bonfire without seeing what killed me while playtesting after submitting the game and I found it also annoying. Also, that's a good strategy, but ferris can be a hard boss if it detects you.

Thanks for playing  and the feedback! We'll tweak the mechanics and balance the game in a thoughtful manner.

Loving the idea!

Jumping and switching feels very food, although requires some skill. Great presentation with the graphics and music. I hope to see more of this in the future.

Great job!

Loved it!

The gameplay is very solid. I loved the narrator voice and its meta-commentary. Great comedy in both aspects. The audio was a little bit choppy in the web version though. Apart from that, keep up the amazing work!

The feel on this game is excellent!

The limit on the ability points seems well balanced, I'd say dash is the outlier, but maybe I have to play some more. Graphics are gorgeous and has some very satisfying animations.

Glad you liked! Did you find the secret boss? ;)
Also yes, key binding options would be one of the first features for the post-jam version.

Thanks for playing it!

I like it!

The graphics are great. The movement of the submarine feels good, you can feel its weight.

Great job!

DAMN! Those replays are outstanding!

It reminds me of a more turn-based Katana Zero, for some reason. The speed of the bullets, the PC in motion and the animations of the enemies make the game feel so good.

Awesome work! One of my favorite entries!

I collected the 11 coins!

This tileset is adorable, I think it's the same as in Super Corgo Run. The PC seems to fall like a snowflake which is much in theme.

Great job!

I like it!

I agree that has a certain aesthetic to it with the perimeter and edges on the entities, it looks stylish.

Great job!

Loved it!

The application of the theme is really well done.  The tileset and the rainbow corgi are adorable. I actually followed this game on the livestreams and developed the entry for our team side to side, so thank you for that.

The only thing is that the zoomies in this pupper are out of control, so I'll wait for a post-jam version.

Great job!

I like it!

The movement is pleasing and the animations complement it very well.

Great job!

I like it!

I think we just need a public server to get the full multiplayer experience.

Great job!

Well, this entry certainly gives me an illusion of security, so at least has the theme going for it.

YES! Got the 66 cards!

Loving the color palette. The vision cone is very well implemented. The wonderful stealth feel of this game had me on the tip of my toes.

Excellent game, one of my favorites so far!

Loved it!

I dig those PICO-8 vibes. I played the slower version and enjoyed how the controls feel, I think there is some finesse to them.

Awesome work!

Loving the retro aesthetics!

Didn't guess the controls right away (arrow keys, x to pickup and bounce the shield, z to drop it ). I like the shield bounce as the central mechanic, it fits quite nicely with the theme.

Great job!

The immersion on this game is outstanding!

Beautiful  graphics and amazing atmosphere. The intro cutscene had me hooked from the start. Hope to see more of this game in the future.

Wonderful job!

Great job!

I can see this being a minigame or a fully-fledged one with different point and click mechanics. Also, I'm chuffed knowing how you applied the theme.

Lovely colors! I can imagine a small boat fighting against the currents in the middle of the night.

From the 1-bit graphics, the lovely color palette, the subtle animations and the charming dialogue, this game has a really nice atmosphere!  Also, the editor is great! I need to learn egui, so I'll be checking the source code. Great job!

DAMN! Really great entry!

I knew some spoilers of the game because I followed the development in the livestreams, but that didn't take me away from a first-hand very spooky experience.

Very well polished and top-notch presentation; my money is on this game for the jam.

P.S. SFXs are just *chef's kiss*.

Loved it!

The in-jokes and the ending made me chuckle.  Also, the gameplay inside the room was a nice surprise, I thought the game was going to end there, but no, it kept going and it had me switching characters quickly to avoid getting caught.  

Great job!

Loved it!

The effects in both the end and the one in the opening scene were wonderful. The minimal gameplay and the sense of exploration were top notch. This got me hooked 'till the end, but perhaps an ambient track could totally seal one's immersion

Oh yes, I discovered this one after playing Signal (well, after one ending lol).

I'll be sure to check out Ananke. Your entries on the #adventurejam seems like my thing.

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What a great game!

Loved the audio and the visuals, the whole aesthetics were on point. The core gameplay, although minimalistic, was filling with a sense mistery.

Hopefully it does continue sometime in the future.

After discovering this game in, I played the campaign all last night. It was worth it. Keep up with the amazing work!

Yep, thought as much.  Oh well.

Meeting HIM was great, the music selection hypnotized me! That's why I wanted to continue.

Will follow what you dev from now on. Thanks for a great experience.

In all seriousness, it is suppoused to not display the menu after this right?



Thank you! Hopefully Darkade becomes a thing.

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The concept and the execution is just great! I'm glad you placed in the  LD top ten.

I was wondering if you could release a x86_64 version for Linux, please