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Oh yes, I discovered this one after playing Signal (well, after one ending lol).

I'll be sure to check out Ananke. Your entries on the #adventurejam seems like my thing.

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What a great game!

Loved the audio and the visuals, the whole aesthetics were on point. The core gameplay, although minimalistic, was filling with a sense mistery.

Hopefully it does continue sometime in the future.

After discovering this game in, I played the campaign all last night. It was worth it. Keep up with the amazing work!

Yep, thought as much.  Oh well.

Meeting HIM was great, the music selection hypnotized me! That's why I wanted to continue.

Will follow what you dev from now on. Thanks for a great experience.

In all seriousness, it is suppoused to not display the menu after this right?



Thank you! Hopefully Darkade becomes a thing.

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The concept and the execution is just great! I'm glad you placed in the  LD top ten.

I was wondering if you could release a x86_64 version for Linux, please

Use some ascii images (or even animations) for your next demo