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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. With regards to the search term pan-gu, our inclusion of tone marks most definitely has an effect whether the game will show up or not, so that has now been remedied.

As for "land of", this is likely an issue we cannot fix. Words such as "the" and "of" are often automatically overlooked by search engines, meaning using "land of" is probably equivalent to searching the word "land" only. As the search engine is controlled by itch, this is an unfortunate loss we have to accept.

Hi community, if you guys are looking to get into ttRPG (or are veterans to the genre) and want an adventure that you can play with your friends and family over this holiday season, please consider downloading our game, the Land of Pan-gu:

It is a 5e-compatible adventure intended for 4~6 players, with 1 GM leading them.

A sample from the book
Fun things you can look forward to include:
> A rarely explored setting that is the cross of neolithic age and mythical China
> Using your skills and wits as a typical stone age villager to overcome the trials ahead of you
> Should you choose, the challenge of being level 0, making you even an even average-er villager

> Pre-generated characters for those who just want to jump right into the game
> Derp fish

The game is going to be Pay What You Want until the 27th, so feel welcome to get it for free now to have a look. If you find the adventure to your liking, please also considering picking up the adventure's care package, which will nab you a collection of tools to help you prep the game before hand:

Printable tokens that come with the care package, one of many items in the care package. See the link for details!

Thank you for given us a look! If you've got any ttRPG friends, please let them know too that we're available!