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The theme seems to be 'Your Utopia' a.k.a. your dream world/situation.

This is a great game, but not what it seems... :0

This is the best game I've played in months. The vibe is perfect! Even though I'm not a horror game fan, I genuinly loved this one!

Really good game, can't wait to see more of them!

Bornwave jam 4 community · Created a new topic Excited


for the fourth time i'm super excited for this game jam! I hope u guys are too!

it's made in 24 hours lol

Bornwave jam 3 community · Created a new topic Jam Jam Jam

Another jam, another chance to learn cool things (something i'm planning to do :)) I think imma make 2 games this time; oncompletely matching the theme and another experiment I wanted to try for some time, also matching the theme sort of. Good luck to all participants!


Thanks for your feedback! It's a good point you make, i can fix the canvas and this time i need to, because the game's unplayable without! :)

Bornwave jam 2 community · Created a new topic 2nd Game Jam

Can't wait till the second jam takes off, first one was a nice experience and the game i created learnt me a lot about game-dev. Hope this one will also get an amazing theme to build our games around!

Bornwave (Demo) community · Created a new topic Bornwave
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The sun rises behind the mountains covered with snow. Birds start chirping, but danger awaits. The view of the trees and rocks on the side of the mountains is beautiful. The future slowly becomes the past. You're a friend of nature, not an enemy. The world doesn't have to be scared anymore. You became harmless, something no one expected. You're alone in a big world, but don't give up; try hard enough and you will reach the top. You will become greater than ever before, without destroying planet Earth. 

This is the start of a new life... 

Thank you!! We really appreciate it!

Thanks for your feedback, I also think the voice gives the game something special!

Never played a game like this, but it was a really nice experience! This is a game you can continue on for sure! Only thing I miss is the UI and background music, that would make the game perfect! 


WOW, this game is so much better with the movement fixed.. I discovered that there are power-ups and more levels and I think it's just amazing!! If I can give you a little tip: make a slider or button for sounds cuz for people who are listening to music, it's a little bit annoying.. 

Really good game: 8.5/10


It's a cool game, especially the graphics.. I think they're amazing. You could add control buttons, because for people on 'Azerty' it's hard to play. Great game!

Off course you can do this!

Wow this game creeped my out at the spider moment! xD

For a first game I can't find any bugs yet, i still do not have passed level one

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This game is so frickin good, it's calming to dunk on a president.. I think I'm a basketball god now!! 11/11.3

The thing is, my brother wins from me every time too, it's the only game he can defeat me in XD!

The thing with this game is that you have to play with someone else on the same device and that means you can't really play alone :D!

As you can see in the third line of the error there is a 'data folder' missing and its really simple to solve, but my wifi connection is really bad right now, i'm gonna try a new release now so it may work. Thanks for your feedback XD!

Bro, this game is really fun and i see you have put many work in it. hope you update it soon so i can play more of this amazing content :)

did you play the newest game? if not or if it doesn't work, i'm fixing all the bugs and problems

Wait, Did you play it?