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Sadly, that's how it seems to work on mobile. You have to delete the app every time before downloading the newest version. You can't keep your old saves that way, but if you start a new game, and say you've played before, you'll be able to start over from whichever chapter you wish!

Yeah, unfortunately. You should delete the old version, then install the new one.

You cannot load old saves in newer versions without a chance of the game breaking, no.

But if you start a new game, and say you've played the game before, you'll get access to the chapter select screen where you'll be able to get back to where you left off immediately. Finding the exact chapter might be a little tricky without asking, but every time a new build is released, the latest chapter is always at the bottom (might need to scroll for it though).

Currently, no. Translations are not a priority of ours right now, with so much of the game left to write, but we plan on start developing some eventually.

This story isn't about, nor will it feature any romance of any kind. =V

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Bonk! No horni!

But on the matter of swimming, yes, they can swim. -w-

We already involved the family in the form of George. Whether we'll see more or not remains to be seen. -w-

But I don't like beer... TwT

All jokes aside, glad you've been enjoying the game! Sadly I'm a maniac perfectionist, so I foresee tons of "improvements" to the story moving forward... but let's hope I find the time to update it with new content every once in a while as well. -w-

And finally... soon... >=3

Eh, might still be a few weeks before a public update. I had to take a break to focus on my driving studies, so that set the new update a little further back. Hopefully we'll have something new for our supporters on Patreon/Ko-Fi soon, among other things.

We delete each past version of the game when the new one is released. The after-story parts are meant to be a little something extra for players who download and play through every new update, and that's the only way to not miss out on them (though Youtube videos also exist, I suppose).

You're not missing anything by not reading through them though. They're not integral to the main story, they're just a way to reward truly dedicated readers with a smidge of irrelevant content. =V

Unfortunate... there's a few playthroughs on Youtube of the game if you want to follow those along instead, but if you'd rather not I totally understand. I look forward to the day you can try the game out for yourself! ^w^

What do you mean? What happens when you start a new game?

I am aware, but I am also very Stupid, Stubborn, and Panicky to boot. =V

Don't worry, we're hard at work on finding better ways of making our build naming convention Worse UwU

You can use the Chapter Select feature to get back up to where you left off quickly by starting a new game and answering "Yes" to the first question.

...Last update was in February. =T

Only Outstanding Readers get to ask questions now, and you become one by subscribing to either our Patreon or Ko-Fi for a certain amount.

Hey! Sorry about that, it just happens sometimes in-between builds. You can always use the Chapter Select feature (available by starting a new game and answering "yes" to the first question) to get back up to where you left off quickly without the need for saves. Hope you enjoy the new build!

Pretty much. The only choices you can make are in the prologue, and aside from whether you keep the default name or not, they're not particularly relevant.

We are aware of that bug and have fixed it. Should be good to go starting from the next Patreon build.

Also, no, there won't be any choices in this novel past the prologue and the story will be fully linear. -w-

It's because Isaac can no longer be classified as an audience self-insert. Arguably, he never was. The original intent was to let players fully immerse themselves in his situation by letting them choose his name both pre and post Transition, but since he's got a defined personality, backstory and storyline, it's far better to give him a clearly defined pre-Transition name also.

Yeah, that's intended. The MC only changes their name post-Transition. Apologies if that was confusing. -w-

When does this happen? Did you start from the beginning, or from a later chapter?

Thanks! ^w^

Yeah... that's not what the title's supposed to mean. -w-

I assure you, eliminating a few useless choices that didn't impact the plot in the slightest ruined absolutely nothing. But you're entitled to your opinion nonetheless. -w-

Oh, I never meant to imply the Russians were behind this attack. Hence my use of the term "soviets" to distinguish between those who are participating in this callous invasion and repeating the history of their predecessors, and the good-hearted Russians who are trying to oppose this. I apologize if I wasn't clear though. -w-

I mean, that's a lot of effort we'd have to go through to craft extra content that only a select few people would be interested in, only to get called out by many for being entirely ignorant of basic scientific theory =V

I'd rather stick with what I'm comfortable writing than pretend to be knowledgeable in fields I have absolutely no experience in. -w-

I've been criticized in the past for making my descriptive sequences too long, so I figured I shouldn't bore people with unnecessary details or going too in-depth on technologies that are barely understood in-game, much less IRL. It's better to keep things brief and simple, as much as possible anyway. -w-

Thanks for appreciating what we wrote so far anyway! ^w^

The questions can only be asked by Outstanding Readers on Patreon and Ko-Fi right now. -w-

It's at the bottom of the description of the game =V

The game stores your save files separately from your game files. Downloading a new version does not affect your save files, so just download the new version, delete the old one, and your save files will still be there when you open the game.

Thanks! I'm glad to hear that. ^w^

We'll have to see! =V

Me too, buddy. >_>
Kidding, we have a few things planned. Hopefully we'll get to see more of him again soon! ^w^

Thank you! ^w^

Thanks! ^w^

Well, they're currently a Synthetic! As for what they were before... who knows! =V

Who knows!

Where did you last save?

You can find links to the soundtrack (divided between the three artists who are working on it) in the credits' section in-game, on our Discord server, and also at the start of this very Itch page =V