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Wow looking back at this I have not been following this at all.

Very polished! I like how a lot of the powerups also slightly makes the game a bit more challenging.

The ball moves really fast and is hard to control. Maybe you could make it accelerate to full speed instead of starting off at max speed?

-Some dog in Twoson, Earthbound

There's Been a kidnapping! Believe me, even though I'm just a dog.

I will

never mind

oh wait its randomly generated

I saw a video of this, is the first grassy area inspired by zelda 1? The first screen of it looks strikingly similar with the trees and entrance to a different are

Cool! I'll keep my eyes open

Hey, this game looks pretty cool from the trailer! I might check it out sometime soon

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Dw, I already edited them to my liking for my game, Roll It!. I just wanted to point out the difference.

Only for November, Roll It! is 67% off! This is an unusually low price and it ends at the end of the month! Act soon, or miss your chance!

Also, as a bonus, the Early Access Pass and all its perks are also on this low price.

Don't know what Roll It! is? Read about it on the website or even try out the demo! 

Purchase the early version and get access to all future versions as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Get the game here:

Also, this game is for PC and mac, not iOS or android, so I hope you do not purchase something you cannot use.

Oh yeah. the Early Access Pass doesn't end. Putting it as a bundle was the only way to do it. I am going to refresh it once it ends. The pass is available only for those who own the game. It's an additional privilege for players who own the game if they purchase it. You can read more here.

on your page there is a picture showing what the tileset supposedly looks like. I downloaded the file and there are faces on the clouds. These faces do not show up on aforementioned picture.

I seem to remember there being faces on this while the cover does not reflect that. I had to remove them for my game. maybe update the cover picture?

you may want to update your links to account for your account name change. E.G. change to

No problem!

please tell me if you were able  to redeem the key

The game is now paid but since you didn't get a chance to play it before I will provide you will a free key

I got this project on a sale for free. Am I still allowed to use this pack for commercial purposes?

I caught the top of some terrain and fell to the left and then pulled (area 2) and I clipped through the ground.

If you post the swf as downloadable, it can be played on flash emulators...

Trees aren't lore. I am locking this page because the game is too far into development.

oh, by the way, the picture above is from the previous post. It's not what it will look like when it's done!

The BIG UPDATE for Roll It! is coming along nicely. Features to look forward to are: MORE LEVELS, 



and maybe plants?

AFTER THIS UPDATE THE GAME WILL BE A PAID GAME so make sure to claim it soon! Est. release date is around Friday next week, however, you may want to expect next month...