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Thank you so much for this thoughtful feedback! I’m delighted that you like it. 

I love this game! It's so easy to play and the pre-gens are a definite highlight. There is just the right amount of flavour for the cats and witch subtypes to help make your character unique. If you like cute games with high improv and low prep, this one is purrfect!

I had the opportunity to play this game recently and it was a lot of fun! The roll tables are actionable and can be used to tell a variety of stories depending on your group's preferences. We played a story where a chain email (started by Karen of the homeowners' association) wanted to occupy the flat, which would call the cops. The game encourages creativity and I really enjoyed it. Flats & Fangs is easy to pick up and play and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh vampire game that blends supernatural vampire shenanigans with the challenges of the modern world.

I included that line as a request, not a rule, because I know that people will play this game however they like. I wrote that statement to express my intentions with its design and ask that they be taken into account—nothing more, nothing less. As with any polite request made by someone who lives in your computer screen, you are free to ignore it without fear of retribution. 

Even so, telling people how to play the game is inherent to games as a medium. Games are what they are because of the rules by which participants agree to abide. 

Also, I am giving it away for free; that's what the Community Copies are for.

Thank you for expressing your support, though I admit this is a rather odd way of doing so. 

This is a wonderful game with mechanics that encourage collaboration and dialogue at the table. It allows you to tell a story driven by emotion, which I love. I'd highly recommend it! 

Super exciting to see this! I love the graphics you've made!

Thanks so much for reaching out! I have added more :)

This is a great game about the tension between people who lived through events and people who know only what they have been taught. The prompt options sparked thoughtful dialogue and the roll tables helped me create artefacts that are the perfect blend of bizarre and believable. I highly recommend it if you like games where characters challenge each other and that have a high level of improvisation.

YES! I'm glad you're excited! 

I loved this game! It gave me the chance to contemplate my own journey as a queer, trans person and did it in a simple, yet layered, fashion. This game touches on many difficult aspects of coming out but always supports it as a necessary and freeing process. 

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This was a great game to play on my walk into town! I really enjoyed the story-oriented prompts; my favourite, though, was the one for if you're able to kick the rock across a crosswalk. Having read through the game before I went out, I gave my rock an extra hard kick and it made it! My adventurer earned the achievement You Rock! and is now known as Lord of the Crossing. Thanks so much for adding some entertainment to my walk!

An excellent game with well-communicated content warnings, 221 inspiring prompts, and a clever layout! If you like solo games where you can narratively experiment with time and tackle heavy topics within the framework of character death and the stories your character leaves behind, you’ll love this game.

Wow, this is amazing to hear! I'm honoured that this game is your second-favourite!

I loved this game! A super cute and cosy setting with creative and original card effects. I drew a bunch of cards that "cost" me time and I was delighted to have spent some time exploring the world. 

If you enjoy games with a high degree of randomness and replayability, The Witch’s Almanac is perfect. The content is thoughtful and unique and I highly recommend it.

Thank you so much for your kind review, Alex! It means a lot <3

I played this game for Huetopia's Pride Brunchathon stream (video featured on the product page) and I am obsessed with it. the hierophant's gone away for a while provides a framework for players to create characters who live full, authentic, queer lives. I love the dream logic aspect where anything is possible and I love that I was able to use my vampire's ability to win at poker. The story we told was moving and evocative and was one of the most powerful roleplaying experiences I have ever had. This early access version has everything you need to play it, so buy this version and help the creator fund the full version! 

Wow, thank you so much! I’m really glad you like them! This is the first time I’ve written anything for Heart and I had a lot of fun with it. Thanks again for reading; I hope you enjoy your game!