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This is super cool :“D

David I really can’t state just how highly I love this! :D

Gosh I am SO STOKED this has dropped. I’ve been excited for this for SUCH A LONG TIME omg

C.H. Bage! Haha. This is amazing

Dude this was so good! Thanks for sharing :D

Oh this is glorious! I’m an especial fan of the scenario advice and how insight differs here from classic CD

Yeah, that’s a good idea! I’ll export a couple later today

Is that the same Stephen Hand as did half of Dead of Night?

This looks super cool though dude!

This is a gorgeous write-up Brandoff – thanks!

Thanks for giving it a read!

Yeah it’s very much a loose wireframe that leans hard into player-prompted improv and stealing from 40s film

Thanks! It’s very much intended as the first tent of its own tent city come the end of the campaign


Oh this is super cool: I love its flexibility a lot

An earlier version of this had more cruft and used 2D6. I cleaned up some parts and swapped out the 2D6 for 1D12, and I like how it’s pulpier now.

This will save your life, rest assured.

I’d certainly interpret coins as 1D2 in this case, so I’d say it counts!

Oh this is really very compelling – it feels like the martial arts combat from the Way of the Tiger gamebooks

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My SMITHY OF SACRILEGE and QUARREL + FABLE each use D6s alone and both operate under a CC BY 4.0 license so feel free to take a look at them!

These link to comp copies

Thanks! I think I’ve been writing this supplement in my head since I was fourteen!!

I expect I’ll expand this to the three, but I’ve yet to settle on the exact way I’ll do it.

Thanks for the kind words too! I’m glad it feels the right sort of oldey

I played TFT for the first time recently and it’s bloody wonderful!

I love the cleanness of XP/advancement here! This is a really lovely set of procedures and I’m glad to see it’s live.

If you’ve not seen the character generator, look here

Oh, that’s a cool idea too! Thanks :)

So I still haven’t worked out the very best way to phrase it, but essentially if you’ve seven or so pelicans with SK4 and rolled 5+3, you’d have four pelicans attacking with a combat strength of 5+3+4 and three pelicans attacking with a combat strength of 5+4.

It might end up being cut entirely for being too awkward to explain!

No worries!

More games need rollable tables for soundtrack. I’ll be playing Rainbow’s “Man on the Silver Mountain” or Marillion’s “Grendel”

She very much does

Thanks Luke :)

REVIEW: Well worth your time

Do you remember those games you’d play as a kid, where each player would invent increasingly influential situations to browbeat the other? Well, The Retro Hack has that feel, and leaves the imagination arms race in the past.

Nakade sets out to provide an experience like the first time you played a dungeon crawler, just without trying to reuse those actual mechanics. I think they succeed in this goal.

The Retro Hack gives a nice disaggregation of narrative control, keyed to an important resource, which lets players opt in to when they want to take the reins without automatically defaulting to it the way PbtA games work, per se. I am a particular fan of the difference between the active skills and the passive traits, which invites the GM to ask lore questions of the specific players.

Fantastic one-shot fodder, and essential reading for anyone trying to design post-fact quantum equipment systems.

Disclosure: I was offered a review copy in trade for an unbiased review. I would happily buy extra copies for friends.

This is so exciting! And I must look more into KRIEGMESSER

I tend to play Deafheaven when running Heart. This gets added to that list.

Thanks! :)

I mostly run it that your pools recover after you’ve had a good night’s sleep in a good bed, but…

I could very much see a gritty version where you can only regain them through advancement!

I really look forward to reading it! Tore sent me his notes but I’ll wait for your report before I read it!

I’m a huge fan of how you solve it here! HD=hp is such a swift method. I’ve been using morale = hp for a while, but I’ll swap this in and give it a try.

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Thanks! I’m really pleased with how Val hit the tone and stress

This looks good! I can’t seem to get any differences on the ruin track when I click on the dice


Yeah, it was a fillable PDF that I meant

Are there plans to export a form fillable version of these for playing online?