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Yeah, that looks like a good line !

Another thing I have done is liberally stolen from the Fighting Fantasy books ─ the wiki here lists a load of creatures, and each entry has a skill / stamina rating. Not sure if there is a way to sort by the scifi books, but poking around might help!

Excellent news ─ I can’t wait to give it a full read !

Hugely enjoyed the ITMD episode !

RELATEDLY, do you have an editor lined up? I’d happily offer my services (and as a magician of the stage kind, I know Tarot well)

Art assets

Fighting Fantasy fan works being built for the SKILL + STAM FAM JAM

At last your two day hike is done…

41 years ago this weekend, Puffin Books released The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. The book was built to show British readers what the burgeoning roleplaying game scene was — rather than explaining what it was, running them through a sample adventure game entirely contained within the book. Hell, today most large trpgs still include a statement explaining What IS rpgs?

While the Fighting Fantasy books would mostly go on to inspire other gamebook series and solo play, there remains a strong vein of contemporary and current trpgs whose lineage draws directly from WOFM — many of whom still commission the same classic artists!

Starting this August and run by Chitin Press’ Sean F. Smith (EXUVIAE, Quarrel + Fable, Orc Borg (editor)), the SKILL + STAM FAM JAM invites creators from around the world to create adventures and gaming materials for all these systems.

The jam runs until the end of December 2023.

Awesome! Do you have specific plans for how to soundtrack tabletop games? I’m currently torn between “calm music” and “battle music” for various zones!

No worries! Super excited to see what comes of it :DDD

As someone whose intro to rpgs came by way of the Fighting Fantasy series, I say this is perfectly suited for the jam!

Hell, where the game procgens itself as you play, it suits solo games too!

Thanks! Games tend to wait too long before you’ve capacity to order people around I find, so I’m glad I found a place to do it at early levels!

Not to size?! Coward!

In case it’s not clear ─ I bloody love this

Omg I love these ─ real Kull vibes

Cracking stuff! Proper spit-and-gristle. I’ll get my small but vicious dog

This is precisely the sort of thing I like to use when procedurally generating dungeons! Love it

This is an ambitious dungeon and one I’m really excited to run! I love how you thought through what this needs and wants

Thanks for the comments!

I chose to keep random encounters out for this project ─ they exist in the TSR competition modules for use only within campaign play. I expect a second pass at this will weave one back in for each chapter: I need more excuses to bring out the vargganalans!

Do you want to work on something, but feel you can only do one part? Here’s the place to network!

  • who are you? what do you do?
  • are you looking for a particular role?
  • do you have a vibe/theme you’re especially keen to work on?

Cracking!! I’ll add a link to it too :))

I love this game so much ─ thanks for making and sharing it :DD

Super excited to see a D23 project as part of this jam!! :D

Excellent news! Yeah I keep missing the end of the so many jams so I thought it’d be best to have a good long time available this time !!

More games need garks, I find. This is excellent stuff :DD

Oh this is excellent news! Thanks for asking AxalKay :DD

Thanks a lot!

Oh this is so cool ─ I esp. like the overcast ideas being linked to months

why it took me so long to read this is unknown to me blast be the servantes of Chaos but this is fucken excellent, Scott

We played this with Knave as part of the Raspy Raven discord’s OSRish Season and it went excellently! I used half of the descriptions wholesale ─ they’re gloriously evocative ─ and being able to lead with the picture of Shaw really sold the tone. Looking forward to putting it in my standard sandbox too

this is PERFECT

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Bro! We used to talk of kings

Excited to see where this ends up!!

Oh this feels cool! I’ve just been playing IKENFELL and using Push in this way reminds me of the great─nice─oops! outcomes in the spells there

I’ve sometimes been using the up version as 2d3 instead, but otherwise it’s exactly as you’ve said, yeah.

I’ve still yet to go through and update the adventures and I completely missed the bestiary!

Thanks so much! :))

This is super cool :“D

David I really can’t state just how highly I love this! :D

Gosh I am SO STOKED this has dropped. I’ve been excited for this for SUCH A LONG TIME omg

C.H. Bage! Haha. This is amazing

Dude this was so good! Thanks for sharing :D

Oh this is glorious! I’m an especial fan of the scenario advice and how insight differs here from classic CD

Yeah, that’s a good idea! I’ll export a couple later today

Is that the same Stephen Hand as did half of Dead of Night?

This looks super cool though dude!