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Just finished the game and I'm impressed! The art is amazing and I love every character, specially Yami. I didn't expect the actual RPG battle at the end. I just saw the first episode shorts too and I expect to see more in the future :D

Why, thank you!

Joguei e fiquei encantado, só consigo imaginar a felicidade de vocês. Parabéns, Gabe! E excelente trabalho a todos.

E eu tenho certeza absoluta que conheço essa música de algum lugar... algum pop dos anos 2000 talvez...

Ok, so the jam is over and we're participating!

Consider showing your support just by playing our game, Coinminator 2000!

Sneaky Roger (protagonist) must gather ALL THE COINS he can see!

But beware of the Police Robot Force! Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you that you are stealing every coin of the city. And running away with it...
You must be careful because every coin you get makes you heavier and easier to be spotted by the police. You can hide behind dumpsters and shadows of the buildings, but if you're loaded, the guards might just see you anyway!

Oh and if you are feeling too heavy, just toss the loot on a dumpster and come back for it later!

You can steal, but can you run away with it?

Play the game and post the screenshot of your score!